tax incentives for retailers/appartment developers to add solar panels to stores

So much space is filled with big box retailers and big apartment buildings. My idea is to somehow give incentives to big box retailers or even Safeway/Lucky/Trader Joe stores to add solar panels to their roofs. A lot of energy could be generated and that would offset some of the energy spent on refrigeration/lights/air conditioning/heat inside the stores. 

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Most states really give you assess impetuses to introducing sun based. I am posting a site beneath for you, there is a sunlight based “adding machine” there which you can enter your state and it will let you know the approx cost of introduce and what the govt will repay you. It will likewise let you know whether there are any state fundings or projects you can exploit for extra cash. Sun oriented will likewise expand the estimation of your home, however not fundamentally. Good fortunes with your arrangements, sun oriented for me tragically is excessively costly. Additionally I had individuals turned out to evaluate an introduce of sun powered. Unless you have a south-bound rooftop with great sun presentation it may not be helpful for you to place it in.
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