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April 19th, 2017 - The Bay Area Air District Adopts First-in-the-Nation 80% Reduction 350BA-Advocated Plan

Under the leadership of 350BA BayCAP Campaign Janet_jed.jpgLead Janet Strömberg and 350BA Senior Policy Analyst Jed Holtzman (both pictured), years of advocating for a serious Bay Area emissions reduction plan have paid off, with the adoption of the first-of-its kind plan by the BAAQMD (Air District) Agency.

350BA Press Release Here

Bay Area air-quality agency tackles climate change

SFGate - ‎17 hours ago‎

The Bay Area's little-known pollution control district jumped into the fight against climate change Wednesday with a first-of-its-kind regional plan that promises big changes in residents' daily lives. With calls for charging tolls to drive on freeways ...

Climate control plan adopted by Bay Area air board

Santa Cruz Sentinel - The Bay Area Air Quality Management District issued its 11th consecutive Spare the Air day for ...

Sweeping climate control plan adopted by Bay Area air board

East Bay Times — Vowing regional action to combat worldwide climate change, the Bay Area's air pollution board on Wednesday approved a blueprint to reduce greenhouse gases, smog and soot in the next three decades. Bay Area Air Quality ...

KPFA Radio Interview with Jed Holtzman

Starts around 21:30. You can also stream from their evening news page, 4/20 edition

"Stand Up For Science" Protest at the AGU Conference 

350BA was covered in the "Stand Up For Science" Protest at the AGU Conference 12/13/2016 in San Francisco in an interview and pictures...

TV News:

KGO ABCSci_rally3.jpg

This clip includes a few seconds of 350BA Steering Committee member, Richard Gray.  Unfortunately, also significant time on a climate denier at the AGU conference.  Wow - false equivalency! Please send a message to Vic Lee (@vicleeabc7 #) and the station: Doubt? Controversy? Not according to science (like lead in drinking water).


KPIX CBS:  Sci_rally2.jpgOur sign shown and excellent coverage of the protest.





Articles (with 350BA in pictures):

Washington Post: Researchers reckon with the ‘Trumpocene’ at the world’s largest Earth science meeting .
350BA sign in the top pic of the Stand for Science Rally. A great article.

Yale Climate Connections:  PicsSci_rally1.jpg

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