3rd Anniversary of Citizens United Ruling "Day of Action" Jan 19 at Richmond Chevron

January 19, 2013 at 12pm
Richmond BART station
1700 Nevin Ave
Richmond, CA 94801
United States
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Helen Grieco · · 415-531-1774
From Common Cause:

Please join us on January 19th at 12 noon at the Richmond BART station. We‘ll march to Washington Park in Point Richmond for a lively rally with speakers and entertainment, then regroup at the Chevron refinery gates for a human billboard and non- violent direct action.

January 19th marks the 3rd anniversary of Citizens United v FEC, the Supreme Court decision that overturns a century of precedent to allow unlimited amounts of corporate money to flood into our political system.  
Even as we also celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, our great champion of human rights, we sadly commemorate the recent massive expansion of corporate constitutional “rights” over those of ordinary citizens.
Citizens United has already caused terrible damage. One local example features our corporate neighbor, Chevron. On the national level, Chevron brazenly donated over $2 million to Boehner’s Republican Super PAC to ensure that Big Oil maintains its stranglehold on national energy policy. In our own backyard, Chevron’s toxic money spill --$1.2 million to buy off the Richmond City Council race—cost two progressive seats, a loss that affects us all.
Richmond and adjoining communities stand in the long shadow of the Climate Cliff. They are on the front line, along with countless other communities across the nation, against the arrogant and reckless behavior of the extractive industries.
When poor refinery maintenance causes huge fires, thousands of people go to the hospitals. When Chevron refuses to pay its fair share of municipal and County property taxes, local schools suffer, and public services whither. From Angola to the Amazon rainforest, from Richmond to the Appalachian Basin, Chevron has wreaked environmental destruction. And now, thanks to Citizens United, its money not only speaks but $hout$ down the rest of us. Chevron’s toxic money sludge imperils our already fragile democracy.
On this Citizens United National Day of Action we are coming together to say enough! and ¡Ya basta! to money in politics. Political and environmental pollution have a common source, and fighting climate change effectively demands that we first reclaim our democracy. Citizens United must be overturned, and corporate constitutional “rights” abolished. We reassert the power of people over corporatocracy!
If there is bad weather, just meet at the Chevron refinery gates at 1pm. 841 Chevron Way, Richmond, CA
Please like our Facebook page and get your friends to like it! Jan 19th Citizens United Day of Action at Richmond Chevron. http://www.facebook.com/events/572873862739161/  and see the endorsement and volunteer forms.

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