Air District Climate Protection Committee 3/22

GHG_Emissions_by_sector_CAP_2017_250x136.jpgCome to the Air District Board's first Climate Protection Committee meeting since the release of the Draft 2017 Clean Air Plan, Spare the Air - Cool the Climate. The Plan has ambitious goals, but falls far short of the deep reductions needed for the Bay Area to achieve them. It's long on education and hopeful persuasion, but very short on enforceable mandates. Bay Area residents need the Air District Board to use its full regulatory authority to protect the climate.

RSVP to let Board members know you expect stronger action that gets results. Talking points to be provided.

350 Bay Area has submitted formal comments. We laud the Air District's efforts to lay out a vision for achieving it's 2050 GHG emission reduction goals and truly clean air for every Bay Area resident.

We are setting the expectation that the Air District's actions will match the lofty goals and begin the development of a pathway to actually get there. To that end, we propose more ambitious regulatory action specifically aimed at sectors where solutions already exist, but are not yet sufficiently deployed. Examples of our comments include:

  • Mandate that Bay Area employers of more than 50 people must either offer an employer paid transit benefit or employer provided transit for commuting.
  • Begin putting the Bay Area's only cement manufacturing plant and one of the top 10 industrial GHG emission sources (Lehigh Hanson in Cupertino) on a path to decarbonization, by setting mandates for powering the plant with renewable energy.
  • Use the California Environmental Quality Act process to begin requiring home builders to mitigate GHG emissions by making a portion of new residences carbon free.
  • Adopt rules and policies to assure that Bay Area GHG emissions will not increase. Disturbingly, there are portions of the Plan with text that assumes GHG emissions will rise. We find this presumption unacceptable, tantamount to giving up before starting.

Background documents:

350 Bay Area Comments Cover Letter

350 Bay Area Comments

BAAQMD Draft 2017 Clean Air Plan Volume I

BAAQMD Draft 2017 Clean Air Plan Volume II

March 22, 2017 at 10:30am - 12pm
Bay Area Air Quality Management District
375 Beale St
Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States
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Janet Stromberg
Cate Leger David DeSante Jessie Alberts Teresa Hardy Veronica Jacobi Richard Gray Kathy Diehl Nan Parks Janet Stromberg

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