Air District Retreat 1/21

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YOU CAN ATTEND? RSVP BELOW and come hear & give public comment on air district reports on Stationary Source Committee, Mobile Source Committee, Climate Protection Committee, State of the Air District, Air Quality Summary, & more! The Air District has a lot of power to bring down emissions but needs public pressure to actually do it. Don't be intimidated; let your voice be heard!

 Agenda Item 21 Updates on 2014-2015 Key Policy Initiatives:

Climate Action Work Program


The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) 10-Point Climate Action Work Program commits the Air District to initiate rule development in the near term. Over six months into the Work Program, not one new rule to limit greenhouse gases (GHGs) has been proposed, and Air District Permit Rules still exclude GHG emissions from permit evaluations.

The Air District is focused on a long term Regional Climate Action Strategy. 350 Bay Area's BayCAP campaign asked for and fully supports that.

But it's also urgent to take action now to reduce GHG emissions. Many solutions are already well understood. The Air District has the power and the responsibility to implement them.

BAAQMD Board, take real climate leadership and direct Air District staff to:

  • STAFFING — Immediately assign staff to GHG rule development.
  • PERMIT RULES — Eliminate the GHG exclusion, and incorporate emission reduction goals into permit rules. Stop GHG emission increases. Achieve actual reductions.
  • RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL BUILDING RULES — Develop and promote model rules to encourage efficiency and electrification beyond California requirements. Work toward the elimination of combustion GHGs and all other pollutants from building systems and appliances. Clean energy systems are already being installed on new and existing residential and commercial buildings in the Bay Area. Clean buildings are the "low hanging fruit" for GHG reductions. The time is ripe to promote Bay Area climate action leadership and work toward a regional mandate.
  • COMBUSTION RULES — Most GHG emissions come from combustion, as do particulate emissions (which according to a 2012 BAAQMD report kill 1,700 Bay Areans every year). Overhaul combustion rules to move Bay Area industries toward Clean Technology and Design Alternatives as well as efficiency improvements. Only by ending reliance on combustion for heat and power can we clean the air and protect the climate. Industries, developers and vendors will need a long lead time to bring solutions to market. The time to begin the process is now.
  • CLEAN POWER RULES and POLICIES — Investigate and implement every avenue the Air District can take to support, mandate and fund clean power generation through CEQA mitigation, permitting and regulatory action.

AGENDA: BAAQMD Retreat Agenda

January 21, 2015 at 9:45am - 3:45pm
City of South San Francisco Municipal Services Building
33 Arroyo Dr
South San Francisco, CA 94080
United States
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