ACTION Lobby the Climate Committee

Get Out the Vote for BayCAP Resolution Thursday September 12

The BayCAP Resolution must be passed by the Climate Protection Committee in order to go to the full Air District Board for a vote, possibly as soon as September 18.

We have a slim majority but not enough to feel secure.

ACTION - If you live in Alameda or Contra Costa County please contact the "Unknown" Committee members who represent you (they represent the whole county, not just their own town or district) and ask them to support the BayCAP Resolution.

If you live in Marin, San Francisco Sonoma or Santa Clara County, call or email your representatives' offices and leave a message of thanks!


It's not enough for Air District staff to just do research, education and provide assistance to cities and counties developing local Climate Action Plans.

We want a Bay Area Climate Action Plan that will:

  • Update the Air District's Climate Protection program to take strong, regional action on climate.
  • Establish a Performance Standard to reduce Bay Area greenhouse gas emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.
  • Develop a Regional Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan to achieve these reductions.

Current Tally:

YES: 6  NO: 0     UNKNOWN: 3

Please enter a comment at the bottom of this page noting who you contacted and anything you found out.

Climate Protection Committee Members

Position on BayCAP Resolution

Contacts made

Committee Chair
Supervisor John Avalos
(415) 554-6975
City and County of San Francisco
11th District


 In person at Forward on Climate Rally in February and beyond

Committee Vice  Chair
Councilmember David Hudson
(925) 570-0106, (925) 570-0106
(925) 570-0106
City of San Ramon (Contra Costa County)


 Resolution and handouts emailed 9/4/13
Supervisor Susan Adams
(415) 473-7354
Marin County - District 1


 In person discussion with 350 Marin team 5/30/13
Council Member Teresa Barrett
(707) 778-4360
City of Petaluma (Sonoma County)



 Via two phone calls with BayCAP team members in July

Supervisor John Gioia
(510) 231-8686
Contra Costa County - 1st District


 in person discussion with BayCAP team members 7/1/13, follow up emails and calls by 350 Bay Area members and SF Bay Sierra Club Chapter Director

Supervisor Scott Haggerty
(925) 551-6995, (510) 795-2525

Alameda County - 1st District


  Resolution and handouts emailed 9/4/13

Councilmember Jan Pepper
(650) 947-2700
City of Los Altos (Santa Clara County)


 In person discussion with contituent and reps from BayCAP team, 350 Slicon Valley and Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter on 8/22/13

Vice Mayor Mark Ross
(925) 372-3544
City of Martinez (Contra Costa County)


 In person discussion with BayCAP team members

Supervisor Shirlee Zane
(707) 565-2241
Sonoma County - 3rd District


 In person discussion with reps from BayCAP team, 350 Sonoma and Sierra Club Redwood Chapeter 8/8/13

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