Letter to Climate Committee Members

Please email a letter to the Chair, Vice Chair and/or your representative(s) on the BAAQMD Climate Protection Committee by 3:00 pm Wednesday, May 20, so they see it before their meeting on May 21. You can copy and past the letter below into an email, and add your own personal comments. Email contact information is below the draft letter.

Dear [Climate Protection Committee member name],

The Air District's Climate Protection program began in 2005. In all that time, Bay Area greenhouse gas emissions have continued to rise, and the Air District has not adopted any rules to reduce GHGs from stationary sources, which are responsible for 60% of regional GHG emissions.

Staff need direction from you. Here are three actions you can take at the Climate Protection Committee meeting this Thursday, May 21:

  1. Refinery Rules - Tell staff you want enforceable caps on all air pollutants, including GHGs.
  2. Wood Smoke Rule - Tell staff:
    • Focus on GHG emission reductions,
    • Restrict subsidies for converting homes with no alternative to wood burning devices for space heat to 100% clean energy alternatives,
    • Don't exempt any wood burning devices on Winter Spare the Air Days. EPA certified wood stoves and pellet stoves are both very toxic, and
    • Enforce the Wood Smoke Rule to protect public health and the climate.
  3. Tell staff you want the Permit Rules amended to:
    • Remove the GHG exclusion,
    • Cap emissions, and
    • Begin GHG emission reductions.

Please take action this week to get the Air District's Climate Protection program on track to achieve real reductions in carbon pollution.

[Add your own comments too]


[Your name and city] 

Climate Protection Committee
Contact information


Vice Chair

John Avalos
Supervisor, San Francisco
Jan Pepper
Mayor, Los Altos


Teresa Barrett
Councilperson, Petaluma
David J. Canepa
Councilperson, Daly City
John Gioia
Supervisor, Contra Costa County
Scott Haggerty
Supervisor, Alameda County
Katie Rice
Supervisor, Marin County
Mark Ross
Councilperson, Martinez

Shirlee Zane
Supervisor, Sonoma County

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