Air District Stationary Source Cmte 5/27

baaqmdlogofull200x94px.jpgAll of a sudden, one day AFTER the Climate Protection Committee last week, Air District staff came up with a "Resolution Establishing a Comprehensive Regulatory Program to Reduce Greenhouse Gases from Stationary Sources" Is this real? No, it is not. This Resolution contains warmed over, unkept promises from the Air District's 2010 Clean Air Plan and the 10-Point Climate Action Work Plan adopted over a year ago. They don't need a new Resolution to do these things. In fact, this Resolution is pushing the Petition that we brought to the Climate Protection Committee last week, signed by 950 Bay Area residents, off the table. 350 Bay Area opposes this Resolution as drafted. Because it showed up right after our major push for last week's Climate Committee meeting, we haven't had a chance to lobby for our changes.

Staff will bring this Resolution to the Stationary Source Committee on May 27 and to the BAAQMD Board for adoption on June 3.

We want the Stationary Source Committee to refer the Resolution to the Climate Protection Committee where it should have gone in the first place, so we can get a fair hearing on the proposals from our Petition before anything is brought to the Board for a vote..

Also, Air District staff will report on a mysterious five point action plan "to provide a path forward to quickly and effectively address concerns regarding emissions of criteria pollutants, toxic air contaminants and greenhouse gases (GHG) from refineries." So far the five points are cryptic:

  • Addition of elements to Regulation 12, Rule 15;
  • Focusing Regulation 12, Rule 16 on mitigating health burdens on refinery communities;
  • Permit review for significant crude oil changes;
  • Refinery Emission Reduction rulemaking activities; and
  • Refinery methane rulemaking activities

ALERT: federal trigger levels for "significant" emission increases are extremely high. If that is what bullet #3 is about, it will do nothing to reduce emissions from crude oil changes.

The "Comprehensive Regulatory Program to Reduces GHGs from Stationary Sources" Resolution and the Five Point Action Plan to Address Refinery Emissions memorandum are attachments to the Stationary Source Committee agenda, items 4 and 5. Download both the Resolution, and Five Point Action Plan memorandum.

May 27, 2015 at 9:30am - 10:30am
Air District Headquarters
939 Ellis St
7th Floor Board Room
San Francisco, CA 94109
United States
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Please RSVP: Air District Stationary Source Committee Meeting 5/27. Join me. Let's keep Board accountable.
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