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Unanimous Vote - BAAQMD Board approves Resolution to cut Bay Area climate pollutants from 100 to 17 million tons per year by 2050

WATCH - Webcast of 11/6/2013 Board meeting


The Bay Climate Action Plan (BayCAP) campaign is lobbying the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Board to:

Declare that catastrophic climate disruption is an escalating emergency.

Act on its mission by adopting aggressive programs by July 2014 to reduce Bay Area greenhouse gas emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.

We want the Air District to develop a Regional Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Plan to achieve the GHG reductions we need by 2050.

Our Path Forward

We submitted a Resolution for the Air District Board to adopt that would establish a program to develop the Regional GHG Emission Reduction Plan.

An amended Resolution that met our expectations was approved by the Board's Climate Protection Committee (chaired by San Francisco Supervisor John Avalos) on October 23. It went to a vote by the full Board (chaired by San Jose City Council Member Ash Kalra) on November 6.


Earlier, we met with Climate Committee members to secure their support. There are nine members. Chair Avalos and Members Susan Adams (Marin County), Teresa Barrett (Petaluma), John Gioia (Contra Costa), Jan Pepper (Los Altos) and Shirlee Zane (Sonoma County) pledged to vote yes on our Resolution. We had fruitful discussions with  Mark Ross (Martinez), and Climate Protection Committee Vice Chair David Hudson (San Ramon). Committee Member Scott Hagertty (Contra Costa County) declined to talk with us and missed the meeting. We went for 100% yes votes and we got it!

We also met with BAAQMD Board Chair Ash Kalra (San Jose) who expressed



Sonoma County Supervisor Shirlee Zane, Taylor Hawke, Jane Vosberg, and Shirley Johnson 8/8/13


Peter Anderson, Barbara Rothkrug, Marin County Supervisor Susan Adams and Taylor Hawke 5/30/13

strong support for the Resolution and even attended the Climate Protection Committee meeting although he is not on that Committee.

In addition, we met with incoming 2014 Board Chair Nate Miley (Alameda County) who was very receptive to our ideas. We had a good follow-up meeting with him on November 20.


The Air District Board adopted a 10-Point Climate Action Work Plan on April 2, 2014. Read it here.

You Can Help

Check out the 350 Bay Area Events page to attend our organizing meetings. You can join our lobbying effort with Board members, reach out to other organizations for support, help us map our strategy and much more.

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