BayCAP Meeting 1/5


      THINK BIG in 2015

     Set BayCAP Campaign goals for regional agencies

1. Prepare for BAAQMD Climate Protection Committee meeting January 15 and Board Retreat January 21.

Air District staff are moving at a glacial pace. The timeline for the Clean Air Plan has slipped from 2014, to 2015, to 2016. We don't need to wait for the Clean Air Plan. The Air District's 10-Point Climate Action Work Program states that they will initiate Rule Development in addition to developing a long term climate action strategy. We need to tell the Board what we want. Proposals for BAAQMD 2015 rule development:

  • Building Emissions - Develop rules to require: a) energy savings in residential and commercial buildings, b) electric powered heating and appliances for new residential and commercial buildings, c) electric heating and appliance retrofits for residential and commercial buildings, and d) installation of PV systems on new buildings. Justification: Building energy use is the most accessible sector to reduce GHG emissions. The technologies to eliminate fossil fuel combustion in buildings and onsite generation are available today. Bay Area businesses are already installing these systems in new and existing buildings.
  • Industrial Emissions - Amend Permit Rules to fully incorporate BAAQMD 2050 GHG emission reduction goals. Develop a regulatory strategy to stop emission increases, and a sector by sector approach to convert fossil fuel heat and power to best available alternate technology and design.
  • Clean Power at Permitted Facilities - Set up a regulatory infrastructure to require installation of clean power at new and modified sources (at businesses with BAAQMD permits, which emit about 1/3 of Bay Area GHGs).

2. Reducing GHGs from transportation, focus on regional agencies.

The agencies are: Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) and BAAQMD.

  • Develop a plan to inform ourselves on Bay Area transportation issues, emission reduction strategies, and potential allies for collective action.
  • Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty Chairs the BAAQMD Mobile Source Committee (next meeting is January 22) and is also an MTC Commissioner. He has expressed a strong interest in reducing transportation emissions. We will need his support to move forward. Suggestion: meet with Scott soon to get his perspective on transportation solutions.

3. Raise funds to cover the cost of our new BayCAP logo.

Lots to discuss and big goals for 2015


January 05, 2015 at 7pm - 9pm
Conference Call, RSVP for details
San Francisco, CA
United States
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