BayCAP Meeting 4/21

Meeting objectives
  • Set course for 2014 action
  • Get going!

Some ideas for action (plus any more ideas people bring up tonight)

  • Phase out natural gas heat and appliance use in buildings What is the difference between California's "net zero GHG" residential buildings by 2020 and actually getting rid of natural gas heating and appliances? What is a path forward to eliminate natural gas use, starting with residential buildings?
  • Power up locally generated clean energy Community Choice Aggregation, feed-in tariffs, etc.
  • Fill the energy efficiency gap between 2013 California Title 24 building requirements and best practices. How can we push Bay Area agency leadership to fill the gap? The California Energy Commission (CEC) has formally recognized City of Lancaster, CA under Republican Mayor Rex Parris, as having building codes that exceed the new 2013 CEC requirements. Why did the CEC stop short of making those standards apply statewide? How can we push local government to also exceed State requirements?
  • Your ideas

Our path forward

  • Update the BayCAP PowerPoint Presentation
  • Train more of us to make presentations Once we set our goals for 2014 and update the Presentation, Joan has offered to work with us to help everyone get comfortable speaking about our campaign.
  • Identify groups to visit and make presentations
  • Take our campaign on the road in pairs
  • Continue attending Climate Committee and BAAQMD Board meetings and contacting members and BAAQMD staff as issues and objectives arise
  • Discussion - concepts for a BayCAP Campaign logo and website

Campaign updates:

  • The Air District Board has adopted staff's 10-point Climate Action Work Plan, with BayCAP's one suggested change: that GHGs definitely be included in permitting. Staff's version had this as an area to investigate.

  • The Work Plan also specifies that BAAQMD's Advisory Council will include a Bay Area Energy Futures Plan. This is very positive, and BayCAP will work to influence it.

  • The Work Plan includes the development of a long-term Bay Area Climate Strategy. We are updating the BayCAP presentation, and will soon be trained on it, then present to partner groups about how they can influence the Strategy as it's developed.

Note from Floyd: Please watch the Mark Jacobson and Jim Williams presentation (2/13/2014 webcast - 3 hours!) to BAAQMD’s Advisory Committee, with incisive questions by the Committee. The whole package is the most fair and balanced presentation I know of, of both strengths and weaknesses of Jacobson’s plan - except for not discussing how it gets paid for, and how NIMBY concerns are handled (not unrelated questions).

April 21, 2014 at 7pm - 9pm
Sierra Club Berkeley Office
2530 San Pablo Ave
Also via Conference Call - RSVP for call-in number
Berkeley, CA 94702
United States
Google map and directions
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Harvey Eder Floyd Smith Elliot Helman Janet Stromberg David Mccoard

Will you come?

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See you next time….I’m on vacation
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Please RSVP: BayCAP Meeting 4/21
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How do I join by phone?
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posted about this on Facebook 2014-04-12 13:00:23 -0700
Please RSVP: BayCAP Meeting 4/21 to move forward BAAQMD's Climate Action Plan with strong provisions including GHG.
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