Beyond The Pump: Global Warming Labels on Gas Pumps

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Climate Action Man supports gas pump warning labels

Seeing is believing!

Caltrans Plan Calls for End to Gasoline Vehicles by 2040

Warning labels on gas pumps are one part of the necessary effort to make drastic cuts in greenhouse gases.  Fortunately, the State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has a draft plan to achieve 80% reductions in greenhouse gases from the transportation sector.  To learn more about the plan see the 350 Bay Area comments on the plan here.


City of Berkeley Authorizes Gas Pump Warning Labels

Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014 - The City of Berkeley voted 7 - 2 in favor of implementing a program that is the first in the nation to address global warming at the gas pump. The vote directs the city's manager and attorney to create the ordinance and language for a program that is anticipated to be rolled out in early 2015. See local news video by NBC Bay Area:

Berkeley and San Francisco Pursue Gas Pump Warning Labels

San Francisco is in the midst of implementing an identical program and is expected to be finalized by March, 2015.


What they're saying about our campaign:  the Los Angeles Times  |  San Francisco Chronicle  |   | ABC News New York

Not Just Another Warning Label

A recent poll taken in San Francisco by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication cites that 77% of residents believe that we all should be doing more to address climate change. This same group also believes that individual action, especially collective action, should be taken. The primary reason cited for not taking individual action on climate is simple:

People don’t want to undertake behavior changes alone but want to be a part of a collective effort.

The CO2 information label we advocate for would be targeting this group of change makers in our society, and would be the signal from local government that addresses these concerns from this important group.  Research shows that these change makers have the power to shift consciousness.

Small Changes in Habits From Everyone Move Mountains

The placement of warning labels on a gas nozzle reminds us that we each contribute to the problem by locating responsibility right in the palm of the individual's hand. The labels provide information to all of us to engage our ability to make small lifestyle changes that will have big effects. Each of us can painlessly employ a few of hundreds of suggestions to reduce gas consumption and have it quickly add up to a large difference when it applies across all drivers.

Not Just Another Sticker Slapped On A Pump

We're tackling this effort with a very effective tool: hose talkers. These point-of-purchase devices are eye-catching, inexpensive to install, and extremely durable and easy to maintain. Once installed, it's easy to refresh the graphics when desired, and will offer much more than a warning. Below is an example of what a warning label could look like:

gas pump label hosetalker

A Warning That Comes With a Big Helping of Solution

Our campaign is designed around both education and solutions. We're aiming to inform consumers about the dangers of burning gasoline, but we're just as driven (sorry for the pun) to provide sound, easy-to-adopt solutions. These solutions don't require a big bank account! We're talking about every-day alternatives and tactics. Just a few:

  • keeping your car maintained, tires fully pumped
  • driving slower on the freeway (keep it under 60mph)
  • commuting to work 1 day per week using carpool, bus transit, walking or bike
  • consolidating errands

Each warning label comes with a link to a city's climate action plan, where there are dozens of suggestions for saving on gas. Our intention is to be informative AND to create demand for alternatives.

Labels Unintended Consequences: Saving $$$

One of the biggest hidden benefits of lowering your CO2 footprint comes in the form of putting more cash in your wallet! Many people think that the only way they can become part of the solution is if they go purchase an electric car. We realize that this is an excellent "bigger step" toward making us ultimately free of GHG emissions, but it isn't practical to expect everyone is able to do this tomorrow. In the mean time, trying to reduce your gas by reducing your driving overall can benefit your wallet.

Our Team

Team members include Jack Lucero Bay Area Executive Member, Jamie Brooks-Climate advocate, Camille Glover-Legal Researcher & JD Candidate, Raymond Pajek-creative strategiest and Kirk R. Smith, MPH, PhD, Professor of Global Environmental Health, University of California, Berkeley-Science Advisor,

   Jack Lucero Fleck, 350 Bay Area Steering Committee Member,

"I strongly believe we have the technology to convert to 100% renewable energy--including transportation with electric cars running on solar or other renewables. The main obstacle is to convince people to take action, which is what the warning labels on gas pumps are intended to do."


   Jamie Brooks, climate advocate and team member,

"CO2 emissions represent a menace to the future habitability of our planet, and oil companies should no longer be able to sell their product with impunity.  Municipalities have a moral obligation to disclose the risks of these emissions to consumers, and warning labels would be the best way to do this."


  Camille Glover, Legal Researcher

"Climate change is a subject that needs to be in our daily vocabulary and municipalities can play a significant role in this public discourse.  My goal with this campaign is find out the best possible methods to bring climate change information to the gas consumer through research in municipal law and the help of city council members."


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Watch the Presentation

In November, the 'Warning Labels 350 Bay Area' team gave a presentation to UC Berkeley students. See the PowerPoint Slides:


Canadian Campaign

We are also happy to report that we are collaborating with a group in Canada ( that is working to put labels on gas pumps there.  We can't let them beat us here in the Bay Area!

In The Press

News: Beyond The Pump in the Press: See our Press page for more.

And contact Jamie Brooks:  (510) 402-8407 for the latest updates.


FoxNews takes on Beyond the Pump


Climate Change Warning Labels TEDTalk by Rob Shirkey,


NBC News: Report on Gas Pump Labels Being Considered in Berkeley

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