Break Free 5/14

March to Break Free from Fossil Fuels: Our Health, Our Climate, Our Communities 

Break Free is a global wave of actions happening on every continent in the 2nd week of May to keep coal, oil, & gas in the ground. Here in California we’ll be mobilizing in Los Angeles, the heart of the fossil fuels industry in California, for a rally and march on Saturday. And then, should any want to stay for a nonviolent direct action to confront Big Oil/Gas in the belly of the beast the next day, arrangements are set up for that with transportation (free) provided to come back the next day.  We’re organizing buses to go down to Los Angeles. Do you think you can join us?

AND This just in:  Bill McKibben and Tom Steyer (as well as Andres Soto) have all confirmed they will be there in LA speaking, and marching with us on Saturday.


Marin & Sonoma Counties

San Francisco

East Bay

Silicon Valley & South Bay


We'll help to arrange carpools to the pick-up locations. You can park all weekend at the BART station for free!!! There is a bathroom on the bus. Please bring snacks to eat. The march will be 1 mile.  

There are motivated folks who'd like to go but can't afford the cost of transport. You can donate to help people go to LA here. Click on the bus from your area, & then click on the link that says you'd like to donate.

The most important thing you can do other than join us on the bus is to help us phone bank! You can do this any time anywhere OR you can come to a phone bank party in the East Bay or San Francisco.

Come to A Phone Bank Party on 5/3 in SF

Phone Banking Party for Break Free 5/9 

Break Free Bay Area -> LA Facebook event page: here

March website:

Volunteer here in the bay to help with phone banking from home or at a party, movement/dance and outreach!



May 14, 2016 at 12pm - 5pm
Los Angeles City Hall
200 N Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
United States
Google map and directions
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Please RSVP: Break Free 5/14
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Please RSVP: Break Free from fossil fuels--march and rally in South Los Angeles 5/14
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Please RSVP: Break Free from fossil fuels--march and rally in South Los Angeles 5/14
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