Bay Area Bus to Standing Rock

Hanson Lee, acting with the Buddhist Tinkers, is in the process of organizing a bus to transport people from the Bay Area to Standing Rock.

If you want to get on the bus to Standing Rock or have questions, contact Write “BUS TO STANDING ROCK” in the subject line of an email stating your name, phone number, email and any other pertinent information. The organizers will get in touch with you as soon as they can, and the bus will leave as soon as 10 people sign up. More trips may be arranged for between March 13-30.

Here’s what you need to know before you get on the bus:

  • A can-do attitude is the only passport required on this multi-day journey across America with people who have already built relations on site.
  • You will be taught: Sub-zero survival, traditional native songs, volunteer training, non-violent/non-physical confrontation de-escalation tactics and how to share and live communally.
  • Skilled and unskilled volunteers appreciated alike! Unskilled volunteers are brought up to speed and have critical community support tasks that make even the normal person a valuable asset at Standing Rock.
  • Skills that would help: PTSD and trauma counselors, medical vocation, heavy or light building experience, joke telling and merriment support, mechanic tech, crew organizers, generally strong people, wood chopping and cooks.
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