Petition Feds to not Withhold Caltrain Electrification Project Funds

The Trump Calmod-banner-500px-2-20-13.jpgadministration is blocking funding for Caltrain electrification. It takes just seconds to sign the White House petition to release the funds.

The project (see this Mercury News article) decreases GHG emissions, co-pollutants, and (because electric trains perform better than diesel) improves service and thus ridership, decreasing traffic and congestion:

“I never imagined that the electrification of a train would be subjected to such brutal, partisan politics,” said Eshoo, D-Palo Alto, in a statement. “This is not a Democratic project nor is it a Republican project. It is about the modernization of an outdated commuter system that is the spine of the transportation system of the Peninsula and the Silicon Valley region.”

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