Keep Oil Wastewater Out of Livermore Aquifer 11/28

Breaking news: The next aquifer state regulators will consider exempting from the federal Safe Drinking Water Act - the Greenville Sands - is in Livermore. This exemption would allow Big Oil to inject toxic oil waste and use our precious underground water resource as a toxic waste dump. (See the official notice pasted below and attached.)

The hearing date is not set yet, so now is the time to mobilize and get organized so that we're ready to demand regulators deny this application . Now is the time to build off Alameda County's fracking ban and protect our water from becoming a garbage dump for this toxic, greedy industry.

There's a lot we can do right now, including generating media and pressuring our state legislators to demand state regulators deny this application.  The Center for Biological Diversity will be hosting a call on Monday, Nov 28, 5:30-6pm to update folks on the situation, outline what the next organizing steps are, and answer questions. If you're available, please dial in at 510.982.1079 (no code).

Oil operators across the state are illegally injecting waste into protected California aquifers. The state is in the process of rubber-stamping these operations and attempting to get the aquifer exempted from the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. In order to do so, the state approves an application, then sends it to the EPA for final approval. That’s right – in the middle of a drought, the industry and the state want to approve permanently destroying scores of aquifers that may affect thousands of people.  

Let's protect our water, our climate, and our communities. Join the call to find out about future organizing to stop this application.

November 28, 2016 at 5:30pm - 6pm
Phone Call
Ash Lauth ·
Colleen Rodger

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