Divestment Resources

Google Groups for current communications

Click here to join Divestment California: keep up to date on statewide campaigns, such as CalPERS, CalSTRS, and the University of California.

Click here to join Divestment Bay Area: keep up to date on meetings, rallies, and local campaigns in the greater Bay Area.

informative articles and reports

McKibben, Bill, "Global Warming's Terrifying New Math," July 19, 2012. A seminal article and call to arms by 350.org's cofounder, laying out the numbers behind the fact that we must leave 80 percent of fossil fuel reserves in the ground, unsold and unburned.

Solnit, Rebecca, "By the Way, Your Home Is On Fire: The Climate of Change and the Dangers of Stasis," Tomdispatch, March 11, 2014. A powerful meditation on action in a time of emergency, when the normal rules do not apply: 9/11, climate change, and divestment.

Lenferna, Georges Alexandre (Alex), Fossil Fuel Divestment Report for the Seattle City Employees Retirement System, October 2014. A recent report written to aid SCERS in deliberations as to whether it will be the first pension fund in the US to divest from fossil fuels, with an extensive bibliography. "Is your pension inflating the carbon bubble?"

Massie, Bob, "Why American Universities Must Divest from Fossil-Fuel Companies," Yale Environment 360, March 20, 2014. An urgent call for universities to divest now, to avert the looming financial and moral crises of climate change.

Ansar, Atif; Ben Caldecott; and James Tilbury, "Stranded assets and the fossil fuel divestment campaign: what does divestment mean for the valuation of fossil fuel assets?", Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford, October 2, 2013. An exhaustive 80-page report on the theory, history, methods, and aims of the international divestment campaign. Includes many useful references and links.

Useful sources on divestment/reinvestment

Aperio Group, "Building a Carbon-Free Equity Portfolio," 2014. A brief investment analysis that shows insignificant historical tracking differences between portfolios with and without fossil fuels.

Longstreth, Bevis, "The Financial Case for Divestment of Fossil Fuel Companies by Endowment Fiduciaries," Huffington Post, November 2, 2013. A robust, well-informed plea to consider the financial effects of divestment, by a former SEC commissioner.  

Fossil Free Indexes, "The Carbon Underground 200," April 2014. A report identifyling the 100 largest public coal companies and the 100 largest public oil and gas companies, based on estimates of the potential CO2 emissions of their reported reserves.

Impax Asset Management, "Beyond Fossil Fuels: The Investment Case for Fossil Fuel Divestment," July 12, 2013. An investment company report on the carbon budget that addresses the myths about divestment.

Carbon Tracker Initiative, "Unburnable Carbon," July 8, 2011. An in-depth report on the carbon bubble and how unburnable reserves will become stranded assets for the fossil fuel companies that own them.

National Resources Defense Council, press release, April 29, 2014. A promising initiative on the upcoming FTSE ex-Fossil Free Index Series and concurrent BlackRock investment options.

Helpful tools for activists

Barnhart, Kathy, "Metaphor Project Training Notes," November 19, 2013. A summary of Susan Strong's 350 Bay Area divestment group training: specific pointers about framing the message for the audience and speaking American.

You can find many more useful resources at FossilFreeCA.org and at GoFossilFree.org
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