FAQ-Climate Change Warning Labels

Q. Will this be expensive for the public to implement and maintain?

A. Actually, not at all. This is proposed as a simple program that can be inexpensively implemented at no additional cost to the public. The requirement to carry warning labels at the pump can be administered through the city business tax program. Retailers of gasoline already are required to carry business permits, and the requirement to be in compliance with the code can be administered through these annual permits. A nominal fee to manage the program can be appropriated to the retailers.

Q. Will this lead to further restrictions of my freedom to drive?

A. The essence of our campaign is to provide information to consumers, so that they may make 'informed decisions' every day. What we are attempting to create is to put the decision making into the hands of the public, where they can best use that information, and placing that information at the point-of-purchase is an extremely effective, lasting effort. The use of gasoline is a repetitive action, so it requires an equally effective outreach tool. We feel that warning consumers at that point of contact is an effective first step.

Q. I don't have any alternatives to driving. This program is therefore just plain mean.

A. Actually, this is the real essence of our initiative. Five or ten years ago there weren't a lot of good options available to drivers to reduce their carbon emissions. Today, there is a generous ala carte menu of things that people can do today, tomorrow, next week and forever. That information is currently not readily known by the public. It's also generally seen as 'out of reach' of ordinary consumers. However, again, that is simply not true. There are many alternatives people can do. Please visit our campaign page that outlines just a few options.


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