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Current Press on Gas Pump Warning Labels (July 2014):

Los Angeles Times (san mateo) (01-10-14 date) (Eugene, OR)

cbsnews/KCBS San Francisco (01-09-14) David Baker blog (06-24-14) (06-20-14) via Associate Press (channel 4 Reno) (06-20-14) CoCo County’s largest newspaper (06-16-14) The Daily Californian (UCBerkeley) (06-13-14) KQED Science blog (home page on 06-19-14) (06-20-14) 2:15 news at 11 report

<script type="text/javascript" charset="UTF-8" src=""></script> (06-20-14) Columbus, Indiana (06-19-14) (06-20-14) KTVU Bay Area News (06-20-14) ABC News Home – New York

KTVU News  2:29 news report - video


Press on Climate Change Warning Labels (January 2014):

1/10 Washington D.C. Examiner: Global Warming Warning Stickers

1/10 Climate Change Warning Labels

1/9 Climate Progress: Group wants to label gas pumps

1/9 Climate Change Warning Labels

1/9 NewsMax: Environmentalists want warning labels

1/9 Fox News: San Francisco Environmentalist Group

 1/9 InsideClimateNews: In California, Enviros Propose...

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