FAQs and Climate Science

Frequently Asked Questions about 350 (350 FAQs)

A resource put together by 350.org

California FAQs

California has rightfully earned national and international acclaim for its leadership to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs). We support California's program. However, answers to the questions posed here lead us to conclude California's efforts fall far short of what's needed to avoid catastrophic global warming. More is needed.

Bay Area FAQs

Answers to questions that lead us to conclude the San Francisco Bay Area can and should take strong regional action to do our part to help the world limit atmospheric carbon dioxide (the most important and long-lived greenhouse gas) to 350 parts per million. This means pushing for local measures stronger than California and federal requirements.

Key conclusions of climate change science

Synopsis of information presented in report by the U.S. Global Change Research Program and the Copenhagen Diagnosis: Updating the World on the Latest Climate Science




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