Fight for $15 March & Rally 4/15

Increasing the minimum wage is a key pillar of building more resilient communities and supporting the many low wage/fixed income workers and folks who may be most vulnerable to climate change impacts like rising food, water and energy costs. Just like we support the Steelworkers in their strike against Tesoro because we know that better conditions for workers will make safer & healthier communities and help the fight against climate change, the same is true in the fast food industry and in agriculture. Many of the things the workers are fighting for will make safer & healthier communities and help reduce climate change. Also, working with workers on this fight strengthens ties between climate activists & labor which we need in order to take on big ag & demand that they justly transition to sustainable ag. Please join 350 Bay Area in supporting the Fight for $15 Day of Actions & the demonstration at Sprouts on April 15th. 

The Fight for $15 is part of the largest low-wage worker protests in modern American history. There is a crisis in America. Working families have endured decades of stagnant incomes. We are increasingly forced to choose between keeping a roof over our heads, paying our bills, or feeding our kids. Meanwhile, the corporations we work for have record profits and their executives earn ever-increasing salaries. On April 15, here in the Bay Area, families, workers, people of faith, students, artists, leaders, and community supporters will be taking to the streets to say that “We won't stand for this."

Also join us on April 15th, as we protest the paving of historic farmland at the opening of a new Sprouts in San Rafael - sandwiched in the middle of a DAY OF ACTIONS in solidarity with the Nationwide Fight for Fifteen. Sprouts is known for their low pay, labor violations and union-busting. On 4/15, we are shutting down Sprouts to protest their paving of historic farmland at the Gill Tract, and to stand with workers across the country demanding $15 and a Union. Hop on the bus to join us throughout the day as we travel from Oakland to San Rafael and back to Berkeley!

Schedule of Events for the Fight for $15 Day of Actions & Sprouts demonstration:

Tuesday, April 14th

8PM: Volunteers help with a food prep & art party

Wednesday, April 15th

6AM: Volunteers help to get ready for the day

8 AM:  Meet at a McDonalds (location TBA) for a direct action, an *actually* delicious breakfast, and a dine-in for the Fight for $15 campaign. After the action, we'll get on a bus for our next stop, Richmond, then San Rafael. More info:
12 PM: Shut down the grand opening of Sprouts Farmers Market in San Rafael in support of the Gill Tract and to call out Sprouts' low pay, worker and health violations, and union-busting associations. 
3 PM: We'll be back in Berkeley in time to form a climate and food justice contingent among thousands more gathered for the Fight for $15 rally and march, starting at Telegraph & Bancroft, UC Berkeley. More info: national statement in support of the Fight for $15 National Day of Action: here
Fight for $15 National Day of Action flyer: here
Fight for $15 National Day of Action website: here
Facebook event page for Bay Area Fight for $15 event: here
Facebook event page for the Hop on the Bus event leading up to the Fight for $15 demo: here
Fight for $15 website: here
Boycott Sprouts website: here



April 15, 2015 at 3pm - 5pm
Telegraph & Bancroft Intersection
Telegraph Avenue and Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94720
United States
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