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BART Renewables Petition

203 signatures

The BART Sustainability committee developed a draft sustainability policy bay-area-rapid-transit-2009.jpgthat called for 100% renewables. The draft policy was adopted by the committee, but never passed by the board.

BART staff's electricity procurement plan calls for 50% renewables by 2030 and 90% by 2045.

"We the undersigned petition BART's Board of Directors to adopt the draft Sustainability Committee's 100% Renewable Energy policy. We encourage the Board and staff to lead on fiscally sound clean local self-generation, climate action and environmental justice." 



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Legislative Campaign


Working for Progressive Climate Legislation in California

California_State_Capitol_front_1999.jpgThe 350 Bay Area Legislative Committee works on state climate, energy, and climate justice legislation through public education and advocacy at the district level (assembly and senate) and in Sacramento.

We work with other environmental, social justice, and progressive groups to promote strong climate legislation.

Activities include: 

  • Legislative training, analyze and track bills for action
  • Writing fact sheets, blogs and social media to inform and activate supporters
  • Meetings with legislators
  • Letter writing, calling and lobbying
  • Attend meetings and hearings in Sacramento
  • Working with other groups on legislative campaigns
  • Follow state rule making and regulatory actions once bills are passed (e.g. Air Resources Board)
For more information about the 350 Bay Area Legislative Committee, visit our website at: