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BART Renewables Petition

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The BART Sustainability committee developed a draft sustainability policy bay-area-rapid-transit-2009.jpgthat called for 100% renewables. The draft policy was adopted by the committee, but never passed by the board.

BART staff's electricity procurement plan calls for 50% renewables by 2030 and 90% by 2045.

"We the undersigned petition BART's Board of Directors to adopt the draft Sustainability Committee's 100% Renewable Energy policy. We encourage the Board and staff to lead on fiscally sound clean local self-generation, climate action and environmental justice." 



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No Tar Sands in the Bay Area

Tar Sands are a bad idea.  We can make sure that the Bay Area is not part of this problem. and ensure that area refineries don't process any materials from tar sands mining operations. Help us convince the cities of Richmond and Martinez to prohibit the dirty, destructive and climate-disruptive tar sands within their city limits.


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We request that the city councils of Richmond, Hercules, Benicia and Martinez pass city ordinances to prohibit the transport, processing and refining within city limits of any materials obtained or derived from tar sands of any source. We request that all other city councils in the Bay Area pass resolutions in support of these ordinances.

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Beyond the Pump

Put global warming warning labels on gas pumps! The warning can include a link to the local Climate Action website. This is an awareness-raising action. Cigarettes have warning labels, why not gas pumps? Ask Bay Area City Councils to pass a City Ordinance to put warning labels on Bay Area gas pumps. For example:

warning label


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To the Bay Area Local Governments: 

We urge our city council to require warning labels on gas pumps to:

  1. Warn consumers that burning gasoline is causing global warming,
  2. Inform people that our city has a Climate Action Plan to reduce CO2 in general and gasoline use in particular.

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I’m excited to do everything I can get President Obama elected, as well as other environmentally sound candidates all over the country, to force Congress and Mr. Obama to end the Keystone XL Pipeline for good, push through stronger national clean air and clean water standards, and maximize development of renewable energy. It’s time for this country to move forward into the 21st century, not back into the 20th century, with its ignorant, foolish, adamant denial of climate change and its insistence on continuing to use fossil fuels regardless of the monumental, devastating consequences for all life on earth, including our children.