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Sign up here to get involved in the 100% Clean Renewable Energy Campaign and find out how you can help California go 100% renewable! There are many ways to get involved, from tabling and raising awareness on renewable energy and climate solutions to meetings with local legislators and drafting comments on regulations. Learn more about our campaign on our campaign page. Thanks for your interest!  A member of our campaign will contact you soon.

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signed Ban fracking in California! 2013-09-11 06:26:39 -0700
I believe we need to halt fracking in California and lead the nation in the cause.

Kim Christensen

Tell Governor Brown to ban fracking in California!

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Sign our petition asking Governor Brown to lead efforts to prevent the climate change catastrophe of expanded drilling for dirty oil in California.

Governor Jerry Brown:

We recognize your strong commitment to protecting our climate and call on you to ban fracking in California.  Fracking accelerates climate disruption.  Fracking and the use of fracked oil will produce a huge increase in greenhouse gas emissions, virtually wiping out progress made by California toward emissions reduction.  I want California to move forward to clean, renewable energy and leave dirty shale oil in the ground.  New York, New Jersey and Vermont have already enacted bans or moratoriums on fracking.  California has always been the leader in fighting climate disruption.  We call on you to provide that leadership now and ban fracking to ensure our children and theirs will have a habitable earth to live on.

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The climate change cause is a great one, but is being ‘marketed’ poorly.

We need to adopt the ‘marketing approach’: Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

Product: Focused solutions to the climate change problem.
Price: What cost to future generations and what are the forecasted costs to continue to burn fossil fuels? What are most cost-effective solutions?
Place: Where best to conduct and focus the campaign? California appears to be a great target market. Wyoming is not.
Promotion: Are we making full use of magazines, radio and television is promoting solutions, not anxiety regarding climate change? Can we get wealthy benefactors to help promote the cause?

Kim Christensen
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