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It’s wonderful to hear how great the rally was.

Like Rand, I was among the contingent from 350BA who attended the DC rally. I had the privilege of catching up with Unitarian Universalists and other friends throughout the country and engaging with Bill, Mike, and Van (including telling the first two what wonderful work you are doing and complementing Mike for promoting Michelle who hired Jess :) ) and meeting and speaking with Allison Chin (Sierra Club), Rev. Yearwood, Tom Steyer, Joe Romm, Mike Tidwell & Ted Glick (CCAN) and and many, many others. Special shoutouts to Rachele Huennekens (Sierra Club & Moving Planet), and Allison Fisher (Common Cause & the Climate Reality Check Coalition) for their networking and movement building and to all the wonderful, wonderful volunteers at All Souls Unitarian DC,, Sierra Club, etc., etc., etc.

We’re on a roll. Gaia has our back. Time to continue building the relationships, the love and the justice, which inspire this movement.

Rev. Earl Koteen
father, friend, mystic, UU minister, dreamworker, organizational development consultant