Metaphor Project Training Preparation

A note from Susan Strong on advance preparation for the American Framing Workshop on fossil-fuel divestment, to be conducted November 19, 2013:

Because the American Framing Workshop is a very demanding creative exercise, doing it on a work night is a big challenge. I usually give such workshops only during the day, when participants are fresher and there is more time available.

We will get good results if everyone looks at the pages listed below a few days before the workshop, during the daytime. That way your brain will be working on the challenge in advance, behind the scenes and while you sleep! Keep a notebook handy during this preview to jot down ideas as they come to you.

  1. Please go to the Metaphor Project website page titled "Speaking American (Nutshell Version)." 
  2. Once on that page, carefully read through it, and also take a good look at the links embedded in it for the following items:
    --"Some American Story Elements"
    --"Some American Metaphors"
    --"Criteria for Successful Mainstream Sound Bite Framing"
  3. Following that, look at the Articles section on the Metaphor Project home page (scroll down to bottom of home page), and check out the piece under “Still Featured” entitled “Reframing Climate Change Now, 3.02.12." This web essay started as a talk to a regional branch of the Climate Reality Project. (I will probably publish a new Climate Change Framing Primer by the end of October.)

Please go through these steps at a time when you are fresh and can take notes about whatever ideas come to you during the process. This will give us all a running start on getting value out of our evening workshop.

[Go to audio recordings and notes]

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