No KXL Vigils

NO Keystone XL Pipeline!

With the Nebraska Supreme Court ruling, President Obama can't delay anymore. A decision is coming soon on the Keystone XL pipeline, and we have to make sure he rejects it.

We're joining with 350, Rainforest Action Network, Sierra Club and others to organize emergency rallies across the country on Tuesday evening, January 13.

1) RSVP Below to let 350 Bay Area know you are going

2) Click here to find and sign up to attend a rally near you or volunteer to host a rally in your community.

What: Emergency rally to urge President Obama to reject Keystone XL – now!
When: Tuesday, January 13
Where: Your community
January 13, 2015 at 6pm - 7pm
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Will you come?

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Terrific. See you tonight. Please encourage everyone you know to show up. It’s a numbers game right now and the opposition to KXL needs to look as strong as we truly are. Thanks.
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That’s what I tho’t and was just going to aim for it, but my friend, coming from another direction wanted specifics and her computer is out right now. Thanks Barbara.
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4th St Plaza is the plaza adjoining Arizmendi Bakery and Cafe (one block from the Rafael Theater and Aroma Cafe on the same side of 4th street). A Street is the cross street..
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Where the hell is the 4th St Plaza in San Rafael? MapQuest says it is at 5th and D. Google maps doesn’t say anything about it. I assume it is on 4th, but where exactly. Cross St? Anyone?
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@ampbourn tweeted link to this page. 2015-01-12 20:35:32 -0800
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Please RSVP: No KXL Vigils
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Going to vigil at 4th St Plaza in San Rafael at 7 PM.
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“It shall be law in Berkeley to require PG&E to pay $0.49 kwh to any home or small building with solar, feeding solar & renewables onto the grid.
This contract between the City of Berkeley and PG&E & the home or small building owner, will be for 20 years.

This policy shall be known as the policy to give priority to solar and renewables access to the grid.

It gives priority to any home or building generating under 2 mw of solar energy.
As the amount of renewables increases, the amount of all fossil and atomic energy coming onto the grid, shall be cut back, shut down, until all the solar energy coming from Berkeley is purchased. The goal is to make Berkeley 100% solar powered, as soon as possible.

This will change the Berkeley energy policy to renewables, prevent fracking, create thousands of jobs & help stop the climate emergency.

The reason for the premium price, is to encourage homes to install as many panels as their lot can hold.

We are in an emergency. We want to inspire 10% of the home owners, each years, to ramp up to generating 200% of their energy from solar ASAP. Crowd funding of solar homes.

Yes, this will raise tenants energy costs by $2./month.
This is the cost of shutting down fracking, coal, oil & Diablo Canyon. This is how most nations of the world have now shifted from coal, oil, nuclear & gas.
Sunny California is way late in the game.
We need to move faster. By making solar an attractive investment for home owners, we can save the planet.
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Please RSVP: No KXL Vigils
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Will be at rally in San Rafael, CA.
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