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Join 350 San Francisco


You know about climate change.  Let's do something about it, starting right here in San Francisco.

We are a local group of 350 Bay Area.  We campaign locally to advance a just transition away from fossil fuels toward sustainable energy.  Join us and help build the movement to break away from fossil-fuel addiction and build a climate-friendly future.


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BAYCA Youth Group

350 Bay Area's youth chapter is a completely youth-led group, taking action on climate change. This group meets on a regular basis to discuss how, as youth, we can use our voice to create effective change. The youth chapter comes up with integrative solutions to climate change to bring back to their homes, schools, and communities, as well as actions to implement Bay Area wide.

350 Bay Area's BAYCA, facebook page here, is a completely youth-led group, with the goal of taking action on climate change.

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Job Announcements  - 350 Bay Area open positions now open:


Application process:

Please submit a cover letter and resume to 350bajobline@mail.com, 350 Bay Area Climate Education Fund Hiring Committee. Please specify which position you are applying for.

You may also signal your interest by clicking below, but this does NOT constitute an application.

Equal opportunity employer.  Women, people of color, and LGBT people are strongly encouraged to apply.


Webmaster/Social Media Coordinator (and/or Website Designer)


  • Works with our website (being revamped) and backend platform, possibly a migration.
  • Help design website and facilitate its population by campaigns and local groups,
  • Ensures regular updates to content and appearance to keep website fresh with current events featured.
  • Coordinate teams to prepare email blasts and social media posts.


  • Experience with website development for organizations
  • Commitment to climate action, social and economic justice
  • Graphic and writing skills
  • Experience with Facebook,Twitter and other social media for organizational promotion preferred but not required

This will be offered in two separable parts:

  • Website Designer/Builder - a fixed bid build, and/or
  • Webmaster / Social Media Coordinator - a 1/4 time position from March – June, 2016.  Rate negotiable based on experience

Please submit a cover letter and resume to 350bajobline@mail.com, 350 Bay Area Climate Education Fund Hiring Committee.

Equal opportunity employer.  Women, people of color, and LGBT people are strongly encouraged to apply.

About 350 Bay Area

We are:

350 Bay Area is building a grassroots climate movement, working for deep reductions in carbon pollution in the San Francisco Bay Area & beyond.   Our vision is clean, healthy, and sustainable communities for all.

  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Carbon Neutral
  • An informed and mobilized Bay Area

We are a close ally of the national/international climate organization 350.org, but we are organizationally and financially distinct.  We want to make the Bay Area a leader in the movement to build a clean energy future.  Our campaigns include promoting divestment from fossil fuels by pension funds; supporting 100% renewable energy; opposing shipping toxic and flammable crude oil by rail, exporting coal, and fracking; supporting city ordinances to require climate change labels on gas pumps; supporting major mobilizations to end dependence on fossil fuels.

We have been an all-volunteer organization since our founding in 2012.  The 350 Bay Area Climate Education Fund was founded in 2015 and is the sponsor of this project.  These are our first staff positions.  We hope to continue to grow and support staff beyond the temporary positions listed below.


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Volunteer Opportunities Sign-up Form


350 Bay Area and the Climate Movement is YOU.

Your assistance is VALUED and APPRECIATED! 

350 Bay Area can use your help!  There are plenty of opportunities to support us in a variety of upcoming 350 Bay Area Events, and the ongoing work of building the organization.  

New! Click the below button to see the Special Opportunities (roles) we have to make a big impact to save the planet:


Please fill out the form below to let us know what general roles you are interested in ...

...and THANKS TO YOU for all that you do!

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