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Transportation Campaign


Next meeting

Topic: Our Vision and How to Get There
Saturday, July 8, 3:30-5:30
Glen Park Library Meeting Room
2825 Diamond Street, San Francisco
Near Glen Park BART


About Us

350 Bay Area's Transportation Campaign focuses on promoting/demanding non-fossil fuel transportation, including electric-powered public transit and private vehicles, and land use that supports clean transportation.

Beyond the Pump (for warning labels on gas pumps) is also part of this campaign.

The State's goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2030, according to SB32 passed this year.  About a third of the Bay Area's greenhouse-gas emissions come from the transportation sector.   Our goal is to make the GHG reductions in transportation happen. 

Emissions standards and public transportation are under attack by the Trump administration.  The state of California must be prepared to defend them.

electric-cars-berlin_350x200px.jpg   ped_and_bike-300x250.jpg 

At our meetings we discuss transportation issues, agencies, how to raise public awareness, and supporting legislative bills to keep us moving toward climate sanity.



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Call for BART to be 100% Renewable Energy ASAP. Sign the BART Renewables Petition

BART Renewables Petition

202 signatures

The BART Sustainability committee developed a draft sustainability policy bay-area-rapid-transit-2009.jpgthat called for 100% renewables. The draft policy was adopted by the committee, but never passed by the board.

BART staff's electricity procurement plan calls for 50% renewables by 2030 and 90% by 2045.

"We the undersigned petition BART's Board of Directors to adopt the draft Sustainability Committee's 100% Renewable Energy policy. We encourage the Board and staff to lead on fiscally sound clean local self-generation, climate action and environmental justice." 



Petition Feds to not Withhold Caltrain Electrification Project Funds

The Trump Calmod-banner-500px-2-20-13.jpgadministration is blocking funding for Caltrain electrification. It takes just seconds to sign the White House petition to release the funds.

The project (see this Mercury News article) decreases GHG emissions, co-pollutants, and (because electric trains perform better than diesel) improves service and thus ridership, decreasing traffic and congestion:

“I never imagined that the electrification of a train would be subjected to such brutal, partisan politics,” said Eshoo, D-Palo Alto, in a statement. “This is not a Democratic project nor is it a Republican project. It is about the modernization of an outdated commuter system that is the spine of the transportation system of the Peninsula and the Silicon Valley region.” 


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Pruitt Confirmed. Resistance Confirmed.

Scott Pruitt, a longtime adversary of the EPA, is now confirmed as the head of the agency.  Now more than ever, we must come together and take back the future of this planet. Join us in our efforts today.

The California senate pro tem, Kevin DeLeon, eloquently summarized California's path forward to a cool, clean, just future:

From: Pro Tem Press 
Subject: Pro Tem Statement on Confirmation of Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator

February 17, 2017
CONTACT: Anthony.Reyes@sen.ca.gov<mailto:Anthony.Reyes@sen.ca.gov>, (916) 651-4024
Statement on Confirmation of Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator<http://go.usa.gov/x9uUh>

SACRAMENTO – California Senate President Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) issued the following statement reacting to today’s U.S. Senate confirmation of Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:

“With the confirmation of the profoundly unfit Scott Pruitt – an unapologetic career mouthpiece of the fossil-fuel industry -- as head of our nation’s Environmental Protection Agency, this is a dark and ominous day for America’s commitment to clean air, clear water, children’s health, states’ rights, science-based solutions – and the national economy that depends on them.

“Republican Senator Susan Collins is right: Pruitt’s record and his vision for the EPA are inconsistent with the core mission of the agency -- to protect human health and our environment.

“Mr. Pruitt is a clear and present danger to our economic prosperity and the health of our children. He was appointed for one reason: to systematically dismantle our environmental protections when it comes to our water, air and wildlife. He made a career of defending corporate polluters and blocking environmental protections by litigating against the agency he now leads.

“California will not follow Trump’s destructive path. We’ve proven that you can protect the environment and grow jobs. We’ve delinked economic growth from greenhouse gas emissions and helped turn clean energy into a pillar of our economy that now supports over half a million jobs in our state.

“Our commitment to balancing quality of life and economic growth is a primary reason why California remains a magnet for immigrants from all over the world and will continue to be America’s capital of technological innovation.”

VIDEO: Conversation with former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy https://youtu.be/jy72eTb8I4w

You might also have gotten this message from 350.org. Resistance Confirmed:

Donald Trump is filling up his cabinet with fossil fuel industry puppets, but their ability to implement their agenda is rapidly diminishing.

Trump faces a crisis of legitimacy unlike any other in history. His nominees have faced more opposition in the streets and in Congress than any other President. He's besieged by protesters every time he tries to move a major policy. Less than a month after inauguration he is mired in dysfunction and scandal.

In other words, the resistance is working. But we can't settle for just being the opposition. Even if we stop every item on his dangerous fossil fuel agenda, simply doing nothing for the next 4 years would be enough to drive the planet into further climate chaos. We need to lay out a real climate and economic agenda that works for all and demonstrate the political will behind it so that every other politician in America sprints as far ahead as possible.

That's what the People's Climate Mobilization is for. We will put hundreds of thousands of people in the streets to oppose Trump's fossil fuel agenda and show that there's massive momentum behind a 100% clean energy economy that works for all. The mobilization is on April 29th. To change everything we need everyone -- join the march here.

The Senate just confirmed Scott Pruitt, Trump's nominee to lead the EPA. He joins what may be the most corrupt cabinet in American history.

The fossil fuel industry got what they paid for. Trump's energy and environment nominees all disagree with the 97% of climate scientists who say that the climate is changing because of burning fossil fuels. Without the millions of dollars the industry has spent on corrupting Congress, none of them would've been considered, nevermind confirmed.

The industry thinks that putting a bunch of their puppets in office means they've won. Pruitt, Sec. State Tillerson and others like them can do enormous damage -- but they have not won. Big Oil's profits are in free-fall, clean energy is cheaper and more plentiful than ever, and an unprecedented movement is standing up to oppose Trump's agenda at every turn.

Real power does not come from cabinet titles. It doesn't even come from the millions of dollars they spend. It comes from the people. From us. This April, let's show Trump's fossil fuel industry puppet what real power looks like, and take back the future they are trying so hard to steal.

We will keep marching forward. We cannot go back.

350 Bay Area is actively involved in the planning for the Bay Area's People's Climate March on April 29th. 

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350BA In The News

April 19th, 2017 - The Bay Area Air District Adopts First-in-the-Nation 80% Reduction 350BA-Advocated Plan

Under the leadership of 350BA BayCAP Campaign Janet_jed.jpgLead Janet Strömberg and 350BA Senior Policy Analyst Jed Holtzman (both pictured), years of advocating for a serious Bay Area emissions reduction plan have paid off, with the adoption of the first-of-its kind plan by the BAAQMD (Air District) Agency.

350BA Press Release Here

Bay Area air-quality agency tackles climate change

SFGate - ‎17 hours ago‎

The Bay Area's little-known pollution control district jumped into the fight against climate change Wednesday with a first-of-its-kind regional plan that promises big changes in residents' daily lives. With calls for charging tolls to drive on freeways ...

Climate control plan adopted by Bay Area air board

Santa Cruz Sentinel - The Bay Area Air Quality Management District issued its 11th consecutive Spare the Air day for ...

Sweeping climate control plan adopted by Bay Area air board

East Bay Times — Vowing regional action to combat worldwide climate change, the Bay Area's air pollution board on Wednesday approved a blueprint to reduce greenhouse gases, smog and soot in the next three decades. Bay Area Air Quality ...

KPFA Radio Interview with Jed Holtzman

Starts around 21:30. You can also stream from their evening news page, 4/20 edition

"Stand Up For Science" Protest at the AGU Conference 

350BA was covered in the "Stand Up For Science" Protest at the AGU Conference 12/13/2016 in San Francisco in an interview and pictures...

TV News:

KGO ABCSci_rally3.jpg

This clip includes a few seconds of 350BA Steering Committee member, Richard Gray.  Unfortunately, also significant time on a climate denier at the AGU conference.  Wow - false equivalency! Please send a message to Vic Lee (@vicleeabc7 #) and the station: Doubt? Controversy? Not according to science (like lead in drinking water).


KPIX CBS:  Sci_rally2.jpgOur sign shown and excellent coverage of the protest.





Articles (with 350BA in pictures):

Washington Post: Researchers reckon with the ‘Trumpocene’ at the world’s largest Earth science meeting .
350BA sign in the top pic of the Stand for Science Rally. A great article.

Yale Climate Connections:  PicsSci_rally1.jpg

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BAYCA Youth Group

350 Bay Area's youth chapter is a completely youth-led group, taking action on climate change. This group meets on a regular basis to discuss how, as youth, we can use our voice to create effective change. The youth chapter comes up with integrative solutions to climate change to bring back to their homes, schools, and communities, as well as actions to implement Bay Area wide.

350 Bay Area's BAYCA, facebook page here, is a completely youth-led group, with the goal of taking action on climate change.

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Speakers Bureau

Welcome to the 350 Bay Area Speakers Bureau! 

Get informed and help spread the word. Our experienced presenters are ready to speak to your group or organization. 

We offer general presentations about the causes and solutions to the climate crisis. We can also focus on specific issues or campaigns such as divestment, clean energy, fracking, organizing to oppose oil and coal transport in California, etc. Talks can be tailored to fit the age, interests and knowledge of the audience. We can present with or without slides, depending on your venue and equipment.

We explain the climate crisis in clear layperson’s language and make it relevant to the lives of the audience. We emphasize hope by explaining how there is a clear path out of the crisis towards a clean energy future. Most importantly, our speakers always come with ways to join the now unstoppable citizens climate movement and make a difference for the planet.

To request a speaker send an email to Speakers' Bureau Coordinator oncojan@yahoo.com.

To volunteer to be trained as a speaker, also email Speakers' Bureau Coordinator oncojan@yahoo.com.


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Monthly Donations

Monthly donations to 350 Bay Area Action are the best way to help us work for a stable climate by providing a predictable revenue stream.  Your contributions will be carefully spent, laser-focused on reducing GHG emissions in the Bay Area and beyond.

If you prefer a tax-deductible donation, Click Here to contribute to the 350 Bay Area (a 501c3 educational non-profit). The best support is your Monthly Donation, providing reliable revenue. Funds donated to this are dedicated to education on climate change and ways to address it.

Note: Currently you must be a member of PayPal  to make monthly donations. Click here to go to PayPal for free membership (then click Sign Up).  For a one-time donation (through PayPal, but not requiring membership in PayPal) , click here.

Your monthly donation is a great way to enable and fund 350 Bay Area to help the San Francisco Bay Area be a leader against Climate Change.

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We're in coalition with many groups doing climate-related work (see Our Network).

We've begun to formally recognize tighter mutual relationships as Allies:



  Committed to environmental justice and the health of all Bay Area communities threatened by fossil fuel industries and climate change.





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