Summer Heat Richmond - Mobilization in Richmond for Environmental Justice (Past)

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RALLY & MARCH to the Chevron Refinery 
In Richmond, CA with Bill McKibben!

Saturday Aug. 3rd

The March may include a parade of sunflowers, and here's why. At one of our early meetings, a young local urban farming organizer from Richmond described his vision of people marching through the streets to the Chevron Refinery, carrying hundreds of sunflowers aloft and then planting sunflower seeds or starts (sunflowers can help de-toxify soil, making it a good symbol for removing Chevrons toxins) at the refinery when we arrive. Recently,  with a group of high school kids who had taken over an abandoned lot in Richmond/San Pablo they were transforming it into another urban garden.  He said he had bought 1000 sunflower seeds and that we would plant them together soon.

Here's photos, Videos and media coverage of Summer Heat Richmond:

Click here for Our Press Release. Crowd estimate by Richmond PD was 2800 people, and they arrested 208.  Nice "Sunflower Power at Chevron's Gates" article by Paul W. Rea, PhD 


Photo Blog (Assembled by Rand Wrobel)
DropBox with all Photos and Videos. Be sure to maintain attribution. Also Sue Boudreau's Photos



A YouTube channel with a collection of TV coverage:

CBS Local:

210 Arrested at Chevron Refinery Protest NBC Bay Area  (raw footage)

Richmond police have arrested more than 160 protesters for trespassing at a Chevron refinery as part of an environmental protest against the oil industry. RAW VIDEO: Hundreds Protest at... 


MSNBC Rachel Maddow: The Most Profitable Industry in the History of the Universe

Democracy Now:

                                  12 minutes, Includes interview with Mayor McLaughlin

Independent Video (new): By mendingnews, includes major speeches - By Tomcoroneos1, Excellent coverage start to finish with a music montage - By Tanya Dimitrova, Includes crossing the line. - By Paul Kangas, Interviews at the arrest scene. - By PeaceFor HopeNow, Moving scenes with Bill Mckibben's speech voice-overed



KALW 91.7 FM 

Andres Soto, Brooke Anderson, and Morissa Zuckerman on "Your Call"


Major Newspapers, Etc.:

SF GATE - 210 arrested at Chevron refinery protest

More than 200 people were arrested Saturday outside Chevron's Richmond refinery during a protest over safety issues at the plant and the company's global environmental practices.

Big protest at Chevron Richmond refinery is latest example of ...

San Jose Mercury News-by Paul Rogers-
RICHMOND -- More than 1,000 people marched Saturday through the streets of Richmond to the gates of the Chevron refinery, where 210 ..

Photos: Environmental groups and mayor protest during Chevron refinery rally ...

San Jose Mercury News media center 
Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin and environmental justice groups rally against Chevron at Richmond BART station in Richmond, Calif., on Saturday, Aug. 3, 2013. About 400 demonstrators marched to the Chevron refinery just three days before the ...

Hundreds arrested at protest outside Chevron refinery

San Francisco Examiner - Richmond police arrested a total of 210 people Saturday at a non-violent protest outside the Chevron refinery held to commemorate the first anniversary of an Aug. 6th refinery fire, officials said. A group of around 1200 people gathered at the Richmond BART ...

Major Blogs:

ThinkProgress - More than 200 protesters were arrested outside of a Chevron refinery in Richmond, California on Saturday, one year after a pipeline leak sparked a major fire at the facility.

Huffington Post / Reuters -  Police arrested more than 200 demonstrators for trespassing at Chevron Corp in the California city of Richmond on Saturday...



Fairfield Daily Republic

Richmond Confidential

Socialist Worker Online

160 arrested in protest at Richmond Chevron refinery

Marin Independent Journal -About 500 demonstrators march to the Chevron refinery after a rally at Richmond BART station inRichmond, Calif., on Saturday, Aug. 3, 2013.

At least 160 arrested at Richmond refinery protest

Sacramento Bee - RICHMOND, Calif. -- Richmond police have arrested more than 160 protesters for trespassing at a Chevron refinery as part of an environmental ...

Police in California arrest over 200 at Chevron refinery protest

Yahoo! News- He had earlier joined Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin in a rally, one in ... The protest came a day after the city of Richmond filed suit against ...

At least 160 arrested at Richmond refinery protest

Houston Chronicle - RICHMOND, Calif. (AP) — Richmond police have arrested more than 160 protesters for trespassing at a Chevron refinery as part of an environmental protest against the oil industry. Capt. Mark Gagan says more than 2,500 people marched to the Chevron ...

Thousands March to Chevron Days Before Fire Anniversary

Richmond Confidential - ‎More than 2,000 people...



Click here for the main Summer Heat Richmond page for more info.

On August 3rd, the one year anniversary of the Richmond Chevron refinery explosion and fire, two powerful forces, and the environmental justice groups organizing in Richmond, California, came together and took action in Northern California to stop climate chaos and move towards a just, renewable region and world.

The moment had come to stand up to the industry that is wrecking our future.  

Please come together with, 350 Bay Area, the Richmond Progressive Alliance, Communities for a Better Environment, Gathering Tribes, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, local unions, community groups and others on the one-year anniversary of Chevron's Richmond refinery explosion and fire.  Together we will march, rally and protest at the gates of the Richmond refinery. Let's tell Big Oil we will not allow their business as usual to destroy our communities and planet

This event has incredible potential to bring together thousands on the doorstep of the largest climate polluter in the state, and to build the movement to stop climate chaos. To realize that potential we need you. You can participate in the march and rally with no risk of arrest, or for those who choose to, there will an option of nonviolent direct action or civil disobedience.

We asked people to do one or more of these three things?

1) Spread the word: Can you invite your community, network, friends, co-workers, fellow students and family? You can start by forwarding this email with a note from you, and a follow up phone call or meeting goes a long way -- we'll need everyone who can pitching in in every way they can to make this work

Click here to download flyers and posters        Click here to volunteer to help                                                                         Click here to Share this Press Coverage

2) Get our message on BART: A new form of outreach - advertisement on 14  BART stations for 2 weeks prior to the action.  Mini billboards in Bay Area transportation hubs broaden our base beyond our usual networks.

We fully funded this project! -- we got our message out on BART! 


The BART Billboard

3) Participate in nonviolent direct action: Can you join us in heeding the “Summer Heat” call to action and risking arrest? We will plan a peaceful, well-organized effective nonviolent action, with lots of training to prepare, and legal support to make sure everyone is taken care of.  Here is what you can do if you are thinking you can join us at this level:

 * Attend Nonviolent Direct Action Training: Training Teach-in for anyone interested in supporting or participating nonviolent direct action. With a team of experienced trainers, we’ll prepare ourselves to engage in nonviolent direct action on August 3. We are still in the process of setting trainings up in the Bay Area and we may be able to send a trainer to your town if you have a group of 20 or more who would like a training to prepare for the action. Check for the schedule.

 * Form a Group to participate in the action: Organize an "affinity group" of people who will participate in (or support those who do) nonviolent direct action on August 3 from your organization, your friends, family, community, congregation, union, school, neighborhood, etc. More info on affinity groups here:

This is an opportunity for truly transformative action. We hope you can join us in any way you can.

Tar Sands in the Bay Area

Earlier this month the Contra Costa Times revealed that Chevron and the other four Bay Area refineries were already refining tar sands oil from Canada brought to the Bay Area by rail and that they want more! On August 3rd, the anniversary of the big refinery fire last year, this powerful alliance is bringing together a mass mobilization in Richmond to stand up to Chevron's pollution and their drive to refine more dirty tar sands. Can you be there?

RichmondFire.pngThe Richmond Chevron refinery fire as seen from San Francisco. (FoTo Taker/CBS)

Demands of the Rally and March

The current demands of the action are:


-  NO MORE LIFE-THREATENING HAZARDS. Chevron and other Bay Area refineries shall prevent future spills, fires and explosions by retrofitting with the best and safest technology available.

-  NO REFINING OF DIRTY CRUDE.  Refining high-sulfur, low-quality tar sands and fracked oil increases greenhouse gas emissions and toxic air pollutants. It also seriously corrodes refinery machinery, which contributes to major industrial accidents.

-  NO MORE CORPORATE TAX EVASION.  Chevron shall pay its fair share of taxes to City, County, State and Federal agencies, and stop all frivolous litigation relating to these matters.

-  NO MORE POLLUTING OUR DEMOCRACY.  Chevron invests more in lobbying and manipulating elections with outrageous campaign contributions than it does in plant safety. Big Oil’s injection of mega-bucks into the political process ensures its continuing domination of energy policy.

-  A JUST TRANSITION FROM DIRTY FOSSIL FUELS TO UNION JOBS IN CLEAN ENERGY. Government and Big Oil shall invest in high-quality union jobs in clean energy for local residents. Chevron needs to support Richmond’s long-term transition to a renewable energy-based economy that’s good for people and the planet.

This event occurred August 3rd, 2013.
Richmond BART
1700 Nevin Ave
Richmond, CA 94801
United States
Google map and directions
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