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Next Step to Stop K XL Volunteers

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I’m really proud of what we did yesterday (2/17/13) at all of the Forward on Climate Rally’s, the tens of thousands who came together to create the largest Climate Change gathering in history. My neighbors at Transition Sonoma Valley joined and marched with thousands from all around the Bay Area to tell the world that building the Keystone XL pipeline is not OK. People all over the world commented, shared, followed and tweeted.

Yet today as I look to the mastheads and banners at NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, et al., “the biggest rally calling attention to climate change in U.S. history” barely moved the needle. All the usual suspects, The Nation, Democracy Now, Truth-Out, CNN “International”, NY Times (Blog)… that’s right the “blog”. Really? Is where the event was covered, or not. It was truly amazing to be part of what happened yesterday, and as I rise today and the dust settles I recognize that we have much more work to do.

More folks need to understand what’s at stake with Keystone XL. There are many economic and political forces that say – build it. It’s a fix for our continued ability to flood markets with cheap oil for the near future, BUT at HUGE cost to the environment. We know the arguments, I will not repeat them hear. We have heard the scientist types and experts calling the construction of the pipeline GAME OVER. I am VERY worried, concerned, activated. I do not want to be looking at myself one day going, I knew about this and did NOTHING. What about you?