Urgent Action: Support SB 32 and SB 1383

Climate change is not taking the year off, so why do some of our state's legislators seem willing to delay SB 32, a bill to extend our state's Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32) through 2030?  Could it be that oil industry money and influence is working to stop California’s strong progress on climate change?  (HINT: YES)  Tell your Assemblyperson to support two critical Climate bills:  SB 32 and SB 1383.

SB 1383 sets targets and a timeline to reduce especially harmful short-lived climate pollutants (methane, black carbon and fluorinated gases). SB 32 extends the framework for cutting emissions established in AB 32. In the ten years since AB 32 was passed, the state has made important strides to reducing our emissions and building a clean energy economy with benefits for communities around the state.  But with the climate crisis ever worsening, we have a LOT MORE WORK TO DO. 

Last year we saw the oil industry and a number of their front groups use more than $20 million to derail part of SB 350, a hard hitting bill that commits us to 50% renewable energy, 50% reduced petroleum use and increase building energy efficiency 50% by 2030.  In fact, those attacks by BIG OIL led to a removal of the petroleum goals in SB 350, and a setback for SB 32, which was pulled to fight another day – that day is NOW

We cannot let BIG OIL continue to get their way in Sacramento, and slow down or derail our progress beyond 2030. And we must take action now on the short-lived climate pollutants covered in SB 1383.  Now is the time to speak directly to your elected representative and let them know you want ACTION ON THE CLIMATE POLICIES NOW. Tell them to vote YES on SB 32 and YES on SB 1383.

Our health and future depends on strong action on climate, clean air and moving to a clean energy future.

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