Settle the Youth Lawsuit, Pres. Obama

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Background Information on Public Trust Law & How You Can Help

For information on The Lawsuit That Could Save the Planet, read this November 11, 2016, article, The Lawsuit That Could Save the Planet  by John Light in

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a law in the United States that required federal and state governments to protect the natural resources we hold in common for us and future generations? And what if you could do something to enforce such a law?

Here is some surprising and good news: There already is such a law. It is called the Public Trust Doctrine, and it pre-dates the founding of the United States and is recognized by our federal and all state governments. And you can take action today to ensure our planet is protected for ourselves, our children, and beyond by urging President Obama to settle a lawsuit, filed in a U.S. District Court in Oregon in 2015, before he leaves office, a lawsuit that has survived two motions to dismiss and is going to trial. The constitutional climate change case was filed against the federal government by twenty-one young people who claim their constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property have been violated by a government that has failed to protect essential public trust resources. The federal government and fossil fuel companies have twice made motions to have the case dismissed, and on November 10, 2016, Judge Ann Aiken issued an opinion and order denying the motion to dismiss for a second time. The case can proceed to trial!

Read this November 11, 2016, article, The Lawsuit That Could Save the Planet by John Light in

More information:    Their facebook page

President Obama has a golden opportunity to protect his climate legacy. He can settle this lawsuit before leaving office, and the terms of the consent decree would be legally binding on the next and future administrations. And while the next administration could appeal, it would take years, and in a court of law one must produce credible witnesses acceptable to the court to prove one’s case. Simply stating, “Climate change is a hoax by the Chinese,” does not hold up in court.

Time is running out! Email President Obama NOW urging him to take this opportunity to leave a lasting climate legacy by coming to the table and reaching a settlement in the Oregon constitutional climate change lawsuit with the 21 brave youths of Oregon that is legally binding on the next and future administrations!

Specifically, call on Obama to create a legally binding settlement that includes:

  • The conditions of the Paris Climate Treaty will be carried out.
  • No further permits for fossil fuel projects, including DAPL and Keystone, will be granted. (We must keep 80% of remaining reserves in the ground to avert the most catastrophic climate effects.)
  • An aggressive commitment to a renewable and sustainable energy policy and economy will be carried out.
  • EPA regulations protecting the climate and environment may not be eliminated without scientifically backed support from credible sources.

Email Obama: Download this letter urging President Obama to settle the case. Too little time to send snail-mail but you can use it to write your email.   Urge the President to do the things listed above.  The call-in number for President has closed for the rest of his term.

You could also contact Senator Bernie Sanders, and Senators Feinstein and Harris and ask them to collaborate in convincing Obama as well.

  1. Email and/or call Senator Bernie Sanders: Call (202) 224-5141 and ask him help protect our climate future from Trump by urging fellow senators to join him in encouraging Obama to do the things listed above. Download these letters asking Senator Sanders to urge President Obama to settle the case and send the two enclosed letters to BOTH his Vermont and Washington, DC offices.
  1. Call our U.S. Senators: Urge them to collaborate with others to encourage Obama to settle as well. Senator Feinstein is (202) 224-3954 with email here, and new Senator Harris is (202) 224-3553 and email

Time is short. Please take action and encourage others to do so as well. LET’S HELP THIS LAWSUIT SAVE THE PLANET. Thank you!

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