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This warning label will provide a frequent reminder of the fact of climate change to hundreds of thousands of voters.

Beyond the Pump

Put global warming warning labels on gas pumps! The warning can include a link to the local Climate Action website. This is an awareness-raising action. Cigarettes have warning labels, why not gas pumps? Ask Bay Area City Councils to pass a City Ordinance to put warning labels on Bay Area gas pumps. For example:

warning label


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To the Bay Area Local Governments: 

We urge our city council to require warning labels on gas pumps to:

  1. Warn consumers that burning gasoline is causing global warming,
  2. Inform people that our city has a Climate Action Plan to reduce CO2 in general and gasoline use in particular.

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It would be nice to see more proactive and positive material on your site.
What are the solutions, and how is 350bayarea promoting solutions? Clean energy facilities have to be built on a massive scale. For example: Why don’t we see 500 or 1,000 huge sleek windmills in the bay? It could be a beautiful sight and proof that clean energy works. Or ocean wave energy installations? Why isn’t California government at all levels publicizing and subsidizing these solutions?

Telling people and politicians what is bad is necessary of course, but showing them many visions of an achievable clean energy, energy efficient future is equally important. Using your site to ensure people and politicians know many different ways to invest in solutions and achieve clean energy and energy efficiency in the next 10 years – that is added value.

keep smilin’