Stop Fracking California!

The Stop Fracking California committee of 350 Bay Area is working to ban the oil and gas extraction process of hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, as well as other extreme forms of oil extraction in California. Fracking, acidizing and other extreme oil extraction methods threaten to contribute a larger greenhouse gas footprint than coal over a twenty-year time frame as well as pollute water, land and air in areas where it is being done.

We plan on coordinating our efforts with groups already working to bring a halt to fracking and other extreme forms of oil extractions, in California. Our focus will be on the potential increase in greenhouse gas emissions and resulting climate impacts that will occur if these dangerous processes are allowed in California.

Help Keep Alameda County Frack-Free!

We have a chance to prevent any new oil and gas operations in the county of Alameda-and we need your help.

In 2014, the Alameda County Transportation and Planning instructed county staff to draft an ordinance to prevent any extreme oil extraction activity in the county of Alameda. The staff responded with a plan that would essentially remove any reference to oil and gas operations as permitted activities in the Alameda County General Plan and the Ordinance Code. This plan would prevent any new oil and gas activity from been permitted in the unincorporated areas of Alameda County (the County only has jurisdiction over the unincorporated areas).

There are currently 6 operating oil wells in Alameda County out east of Livermore, using only conventional drilling techniques. If the staff proposal passes, any change in the method of extraction would require a new permit, which would not be granted since oil and gas extraction would no longer be permitted. So this proposal would protect Alameda County from fracking, cyclic steam injection, acidizing and all types of oil and gas extraction.

We have learned that besides the usual push back from oil and gas companies, there is some objection mostly from ranchers who are claiming that their mineral rights would be taken away. The legal standing of these claims is not threatening, but the potential political fallout especially for Supervisor Haggerty seems to be slowing down the process.

We need a strong showing of support for the County Staff proposal from people in Alameda County, especially those in Supervisor Haggerty's district. Send a letter in support. See a sample letter. Personalize the letter and email it to

Join us at a 350 East Bay Stop Fracking meeting (see above for details)

Watch the live stream of a Fracking and Public Health Forum that took place on July 23, 2014 at the SF Public Library. and other environmental organizations, hosted by Center on Race Poverty and the Environment toured Kern County, hotbed of fracking activity and consequences. The resulting video urges Governor Brown to come see the impacts of fracking on the residents of Kern Co. Watch the video and sign the petition:

Sign our petition asking Governor Brown to ban fracking in California!

Then download the petition and get others to sign. Directions for completed petitions are on the bottom of the petition.

No Fracking Way Mondays -- Call Governor Brown -- Tell him to issue a moratorium on fracking in California!

Call Gov. Brown @ (916) 445-2841 every Monday to send this message:

The people of California want Governor Brown to be the real Climate Governor. Support a moratorium now. DON'T FRACK California

Learn more about how fracking endangers our planetDownload our flyer (9/17/2013)


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