Call to Stop Trump's Dangerous Nominees (1/30 -2/3)


Please join us in continuing to fight back against some of Trump’s most dangerous cabinet picks, by asking our US Senators to vote no on their confirmations: 

- Scott Pruitt for EPA Administrator
- Ex-Gov. Rick Perry for Secretary of Energy
- Rep. Ryan Zinke for Department of Interior

UPDATE: Perry and Zinke have been approved by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and will go to a vote by the full Senate soon. Pruitt is scheduled to be voted on by the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee on Feb 1st, and Sen. Harris is a member of that committee.

The committee hearings for these nominees have made the threat they pose to the climate and our future all the more clear. California's progressive climate policies are also threatened. During his hearing in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Scott Pruitt refused to commit to maintaining the waiver that has allowed California's tough automobile emission standards to continue. 

Please call our US Senators Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein at their California office numbers (feel free to call any of their other regional offices, which may be less busy, if you can't get through to the SF office) and ask them to reject all four of these nominees! Thanks to everyone who attended rallies at Senator Feinstein's office and made calls earlier this month. We need to keep the pressure on! 

Help us spread the word by inviting your Facebook friends to the Facebook event. Help us track calls by leaving a comment below or on the Facebook event if you call either or both US Senators' offices, and whether you spoke to a staff member or left a message. 

Senator Dianne Feinstein                                                Senator Kamala Harris (temp local #'s)

San Francisco Office: (415) 393-0707                                    San Francisco Office: (213) 894 - 5000

Los Angeles Office: (310) 914-7300                                          Los Angeles Office: (213) 894 - 5000

San Diego Office: (619) 231-9712                                            San Diego Office:  (619) 239 - 3884

Fresno Office:  (559) 485-7430                                                 Fresno Office:  (916) 448 - 2787

                                                                                              Sacramento Office: (916) 448 - 2787

It is busy at these numbers.  Keep trying or try their Washington DC numbers: 

(Feinstein 202 224-3481; Harris 202 224-3553)

January 30, 2017 at 8am - February 04, 2017
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