Sunday Streets Berkeley 10/16

Please join 350 East Bay for a fun day at Sunday Streets Berkeley. You can help us at the 350 East Bay table or just come to have fun!

What is Sunday Streets?

Sunday Streets (also called “Open Streets”)  closes streets to automobile traffic for a day so that people may usethe space for other physical and social activities. The streets becomeparks as people replace car traffic. People walk, bike, skate and danceand play. Everyone from businesses and community organizations tomusicians and artists use the space creatively, engaging the public andproviding spontaneity and discovery.  

It sounds simple, yet it really is very different and exciting. 

People get out and connectwith their community and urban environment in a transformative way. This temporary publicspace inspires creativity and change for the better, on that day - andbeyond. As of early 2013, there are more than 70 Sunday Streets events in NorthAmerica.

Check out for more about Open Streets around the world.

The first Sunday Streets in Berkeley was on October 14, 2012. More than 42,000 people cameto Shattuck Ave to stroll, skate, cycle, dance, play in the street.

Peoplecame from all over the BayArea to experience Berkeley anew. Local Berkeley businesses reported a30-50% increase in sales on the day ofthe event. The first-ever SundayStreets Berkeley was by all measures agreat success.

Sunday Streets Berkeley has very much been inspired by Sunday Streets San Francisco’s successful 5 year run. We are so thankful for their leadership, encouragement and sharing of resources and wisdom in producing Sunday Streets Berkeley.

Sunday Streets Berkeley takes place on Shattuck Ave for 17 blocks from Rose Street to Haste Street. It is a celebration of local businesses and organizations. Storefronts will be unobstructed, and business owners   will be encouraged to promote commerce and visibility by setting out   seating on the street, hosting activities, and otherwise inviting interest and community.

Open Streets Worldwide

San FranciscoBogota, Portland, St. LouisDallasLos AngelesNew YorkMexico City, Vancouver, Minneapolis and more have had many successful years of Open Streets. The public’s love for these events isoverwhelming.

Promoting Economic Development, Public Health, Car-Free Transportation, and More

Open Streets are increasingly common in cities seeking new and fun ways to achieve economic, environmental, social, and public health goals. These goals are shared across business, civic and community groups.

Open Streets offer new economic opportunities for commercial districts. In a recent study of an Open Streets event in St. Louis, 73% of attendees spent money at a restaurant or store along the route, 68% became aware of a store or restaurant that was new to them, and 94% responded “Yes - Positively” to the question: “Does Open Streets change your feelings about the city?”

Sunday Streets Berkeley is presented by the City of BerkeleyWalk Oakland Bike Oakland, the North Shattuck Association, the Downtown Berkeley Association, and Livable Berkeley.

in association with the Office of Mayor Tom BatesEast Bay Bicycle Coalition, & Ecology Center.

Livable Berkeley promotes sustainable land use and transportation policies to reduce our impact on the environment and make our city more walkable, and more cyclist and public transit-oriented, with vibrant public spaces and commercial districts.

For more information: Event Website

October 22, 2016 at 11am - 4pm
Shattuck Avenue
Shattuck Ave from Rose St to Haste Ave
Berkeley, CA
United States
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