Sunday Workshop Descriptions

Fracking Workshops

Statewide Efforts to Halt Fracking (10:30-11:30 am)

Facilitators:  Ken Jones, 350 Bay Area Stop Fracking; Lora Jo Foo, 350 Bay Area Stop Fracking and Sierra Club’s “Don’t Frack California” campaign

How to support legislative strategies, including State Senator Holly Mitchell’s new moratorium bill SB1332; exploring the possibility of a statewide 2016 ballot initiative to ban fracking.

Local Initiatives to Ban or Place a Moratorium on Fracking (11:30 am-2:30 pm)

Facilitators: Mary and Andy Hsia-Coron, and Kristen Owenreay, San Benito Rising

Founders of San Benito Rising describe their successful efforts to place an initiative to ban fracking in San Benito County on the November 2014 ballot.

Enlightening Jerry Brown: Birddogging, Petition Drives, and More (1:45-2:45 pm)

Facilitator: Adam Scow, Food and Water Watch

Pressuring the Governor to establish a New York-style moratorium; drawing media attention, and educating the public on the importance of stopping fracking in California.

Crude-by-Rail and Refinery Workshops

Local City Council Resolutions and other Crude-by-Rail Strategies  (10:30-11:30 am)

Facilitators:  Linda Maio, Berkeley City Councilmember and Vice Mayor; and Devorah Ancel, attorney with the Sierra Club Environmental Law Program 

Authors of a landmark crude-by-rail resolution discuss viable legal strategies, and other approaches, for protecting local communities from toxic and volatile CBR shipments. 

Frontline Community Updates: Common Threads in Organizing (11:30 am-12:30 pm)

Facilitator:  Kat Black, Benicians for a Safe and Healthy Community

Refinery Corridor activists share information about fossil fuel industry infrastructure expansion; brainstorming grassroots CBR campaigns.       

What Is the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and Why Does It Matter?  (1:45-2:45 pm)

Facilitator:  Floyd Earl Smith, 350 Bay Area Bay Area Climate Action Plan

Why the BAYCAP campaign is central to reducing refinery emissions and resisting industry expansion, and how to get involved.

Communities in Transition Workshops

Community Choice Energy   (10:30-11:30 am)

Facilitator: Barbara Stebbins, Local Clean Energy Alliance, 350 Bay Area

Learn about community choice energy and its potential for building economic wealth, energy democracy, and local renewable resources in our communities.

Our Power Conference, August 6-9, 2014   (11:30 am-12:30 pm)

Facilitator: Lai Wa Wu, Asian Pacific Environmental Network

Help build the August Our Power conference in Richmond and join the frontline communities forging a scalable, and socio-economically just transition away from unsustainable energy.

Community Resilience Roundtable   (1:45-2:45 pm)

Facilitator: Brian Beveridge, West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project

Join a roundtable discussion with representatives of various East Bay groups doing community resilience work.

Tools for Organizing Workshops - I

Climate Curriculum  (10:30-11:30 am)

Facilitator: Laurie Baumgarten, The People's Climate Curriculum

An interactive, supportive approach to climate literacy dedicated to overcoming pain and paralysis and enabling energized, collective action towards a sustainable future.  We will model this approach to education and identify possible venues for using our educational kits.  Get more information about the People's Climate Curriculum here.


People Power Strategy Tools to Win Campaigns and Overthrow Fossil-Fueled Corporate Capitalism


Facilitator:  David Solnit

This workshop will explain how to use practical campaign strategy tools (Stages of a Direct Action Campaign, Setting Long/Short Term Goals, Spectrum of Allies)to help focus our efforts, be most effective and win. We will also look at a couple people power frameworks to help place our campaigns into a broader radical (from the Latin "rad", meaning to "get to the root of") or revolutionary strategy, including Lakey's Five Stages of a Living Revolution o

Networking   (1:45-2:45)

Facilitator: You!

A chance to participate in the most powerful tool we have for organizing effective actions and campaigns, as we share ideas and build solidarity.

Tools for Organizing Workshops  - II

Divestment    (10:30-11:30 am)

Facilitator:  Deborah Silvey, 350 Bay Area

Get active in the movement that uses divestment to stigmatize the fossil fuel industry and significantly diminish its political power. Find out about our local campaigns that are working to get fossil fuels out of state retirement funds as well as the endowment funds of the University of California and faith-based institutions.

Power Mapping for Organizers    (11:30 am-12:30 pm)

Facilitator: Michelle Myers, Sierra Club

Drawing literal maps of the political and social power structures in play can enable us to think more clearly about whom we need to influence and how to best accomplish that.   Power maps are invaluable visual tools for clarifying the power dynamics within complicated political situations, such as coal export in Oakland.

Coal and Pet Coke Export     (1:45-2:45 pm)

Facilitators:  Jess Dervin Ackerman, Sierra Club; Suma Peesapati, Earthjustice; Kristen Owenreay of High County Rising Tide; and Matt Krogh of ForestEthics

Escalating coal export from Bay Area ports:  what’s actually going on, what we can do.

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