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Sign our petition asking Governor Brown to lead efforts to prevent the climate change catastrophe of expanded drilling for dirty oil in California.

Governor Jerry Brown:

We recognize your strong commitment to protecting our climate and call on you to ban fracking in California.  Fracking accelerates climate disruption.  Fracking and the use of fracked oil will produce a huge increase in greenhouse gas emissions, virtually wiping out progress made by California toward emissions reduction.  I want California to move forward to clean, renewable energy and leave dirty shale oil in the ground.  New York, New Jersey and Vermont have already enacted bans or moratoriums on fracking.  California has always been the leader in fighting climate disruption.  We call on you to provide that leadership now and ban fracking to ensure our children and theirs will have a habitable earth to live on.

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Plus it uses a tremendous amount of water which as you know, we do not have a lot of!
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Sign the petition: Brown ban frackinig
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They are wasting our precious water and destroying our beautiful lands!
signed 2015-04-01 17:09:36 -0700
signed 2015-03-31 11:47:53 -0700
2.5 percent of the entire earth’s water is fresh and only one percent easily reached. One percent fresh water … ruin not, want not! Please make the protection of California Water your personal legacy as it is the most important issue today! California organic farmer, Karen Collins
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Sign the petition: Brown ban frackinig
signed 2015-03-24 07:42:20 -0700
I appose the use of fracking for oil in California. It uses too much water that we don’t have to spare. Our farmers need to be our number 1 priority for the water that we do have. We need to eat to live, we don’t need to have gasoline to live.
signed 2015-03-19 10:59:00 -0700
signed 2015-03-12 09:15:42 -0700
From earthquakes and groundwater contamination during an epic drought, to methane pollution contributing to greenhouse gas effects and diesel exhaust and fracking wastes near schools and homes- fracking creates unreasonable harm to the environment. This includes species protected by the Endangered Species Act. Proposition 65 protects our drinking water sources from pollution by chemicals known to cause cancer, like benzene, which are in the fracking fluid wastes. The CalEPA MCL for benzene is 5ppb- millions of gallons of water can be rendered unsafe for drinking by just a small amount of the millions of gallons of fracking fluid wastes produced at each well. An environmental impact report must be filed for these projects under CEQA, and the legislative oversight on this issue is unacceptable given the water needs of the state during an epic drought. Help us Jerry Brown, place a moratorium on fracking today while the state pursues research to determine how much environmental damage and public health costs are being caused by fracking our beautiful, diverse, fault-line covered state.
signed 2015-03-08 12:16:49 -0700
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