David Cornell

commented on 100% Renewables/Clean Energy 2015-05-26 20:57:12 -0700 · Flag
Your goal of zero-carbon-emitting sources is fine, but the non-nuclear policy defeats your purpose. Admittedly, nuclear has a bad name, owing to the legacy of nuclear weapons, and uranium reactor problems to date. However, there is another proven nuclear option: nuclear energy from thorium. It is cheaper than coal, safe, non-explosive, and available. Thorium reactors were tested in the 1960s but shelved by the military-government decision to develop nuclear weapons and power from uranium. The rest is history. If we expect to survive into the 22nd Century, we must revive nuclear energy. Nothing else has the potential to meet the demand. Other renewables don’t have the scale to do the job, and will keep us tied to carbon indefinitely, with predictably disastrous result for the population.