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Monthly donations to 350 Bay Area Action are the best way to help us work for a stable climate by providing a predictable revenue stream.  Your contributions will be carefully spent, laser-focused on reducing GHG emissions in the Bay Area and beyond.

If you prefer a tax-deductible donation, Click Here to contribute to the 350 Bay Area (a 501c3 educational non-profit). The best support is your Monthly Donation, providing reliable revenue. Funds donated to this are dedicated to education on climate change and ways to address it.

Note: Currently you must be a member of PayPal  to make monthly donations. Click here to go to PayPal for free membership (then click Sign Up).  For a one-time donation (through PayPal, but not requiring membership in PayPal) , click here.

Your monthly donation is a great way to enable and fund 350 Bay Area to help the San Francisco Bay Area be a leader against Climate Change.

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Just made a donation to 350 Bay Area. To all my friends and family under 30: this is so you can spend your middle age worrying about your retirement and your children's carreers, rather than worring about finding drinkable water and fighting off climate refugees.
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Just made a donation to 350 Bay Area
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