I don't need no stinking headline.

I want to march for climate action.  I support 350 Bay Area to the extent that it facilitates the march.

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It seems Bill McKibben made up his mind long ago to ignore nuclear power and its advocates, if Timothy Maloney’s email has gotten no response after a whole year. Is 350.org a grass-roots organization or a top-down organization?
TJM, your excellent letter should have persuaded BM to at least mention nuclear power as one of the non-carbon-emitting options, if he were at all serious in his quest to reduce CO2 emissions. Well, BM? Say something!!

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350@350.org loves to talk, but refuses to listen. Replying to their emails is impossible. Does anybody know how to contact the people who send those emails? I’d like to send them my reply to their latest email:
To: 350 <350@350.org>
Subject: Re: Power through Paris with us! Event near you:


[you write] … Our message is this: We need to keep at least 80% of fossil fuels in the ground and invest in a just transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050. That’s the level of ambition we want to see demonstrated at the summit in Paris.

Why shoot for 100% renewable energy by 2050? The delegates will laugh in your face at that impossible dream. Renewable energy is too dilute to replace fossil fuels, unless they cover so much real estate with renewable energy farms (solar, wind, & biomass) that it would wreck their environments and their economies. Change your message to 100% clean (non-carbon emitting) energy, to include nuclear, and they’ll take you seriously.

Michael Pelizzari
Born, became bike-riding physicist, dodging death at every turn.