Speakers Bureau

Welcome to the 350 Bay Area Speakers Bureau! 

Get informed and help spread the word. Our experienced presenters are ready to speak to your group or organization. 

We offer general presentations about the causes and solutions to the climate crisis. We can also focus on specific issues or campaigns such as divestment, clean energy, fracking, organizing to oppose oil and coal transport in California, etc. Talks can be tailored to fit the age, interests and knowledge of the audience. We can present with or without slides, depending on your venue and equipment.

We explain the climate crisis in clear layperson’s language and make it relevant to the lives of the audience. We emphasize hope by explaining how there is a clear path out of the crisis towards a clean energy future. Most importantly, our speakers always come with ways to join the now unstoppable citizens climate movement and make a difference for the planet.

To request a speaker send an email to Speakers' Bureau Coordinator oncojan@yahoo.com.

To volunteer to be trained as a speaker, also email Speakers' Bureau Coordinator oncojan@yahoo.com.


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I found this instructable to demonstrate the CO2 weight in gasoline.
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We are building a grassroots climate movement, working for deep reductions in carbon pollution in the San Francisco Bay Area & beyond.

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